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Kobe Bryant Basketball Workout

Kobe Bryant Basketball Workout


Kobe Bryant is considered one of the greatest basketball players of this generation and possibly even top 5 of all time. He is the most clutch performer we have seen in the past decade and has 5 championships under his belt, including 2 without the big fella Shaq by his side. Kobe can put up a 1,000 shots a day in preparation for games. After he scored 55 points at Madison Square Garden, he was up at the NYAC practicing at 8 AM while his teammates were sleeping.


Kobe is clearly one of the hardest working in the game, despite his incredible gifted talents and freakish athleticism. Kobe defines the term of "Muscle Prodigy" and works out in the gym as hard as any basketball player can. Any professional athlete knows that strength will help you improve in your sport tremendously and Kobe is no stranger to hard work, which in turn, helped him build up his musculature and frame to a respectable one from when he became a rookie. Perhaps that's why he is still the best player in the game, even in his 30's. Supposedly, this is Kobe's routine (his routine has been floating around the Internet for quite some time): 


Its called the 6-6-6 workout, meaning that he works out 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 6 months, taking some time off in between and going back at it again.

This program consists of:
2 hours of running;
2 hours of basketball;
1 hour of Cardio (jump rope, boxing, etc);
And 1 hour of Weights listed below:

Day 1 & Day 4
Bench press
Lat pull-downs
Incline press
Military press
Abdominal crunches


As you can see, Kobe can do a variation of workouts using a pull-up bar. For example, he can do a hanging leg raise for abs or
a pull-up for back, among various other workouts. Free body movements are a great way to build muscular endurance.






If you are an athlete and want to improve in your sport, you must follow a precise strength training, conditioning, and nutrition program. MP45 is a step-by-step athlete workout program that walks you through exactly what to do to excel as an athlete. This is the type of training and nutrition followed by many of the world's top professional athletes.


This product is not endorsed by any athlete featured on this page





Day 2 & Day 5
Lateral dumbbell raises
Bar dips
Tricep press-downs
Bicep curls
Abdominal crunches

Kobe does free weight exercises to build up his athletic frame and to gain some strength. Kobe is extremely strong for his size,
something he doesn't get enough credit for. 



Day 3 & Day 6
Back squats/Front squats
Leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Abdominal crunches



As you can see, Kobe does so much training in one day and only gives himself one day of rest a week. 6 hours a day is super intense and most people would overtrain. However, Kobe is a professional athlete and knows his body inside and out. He has some of the best trainers working with him and he is able to constantly improve on his conditioning and physique. There's not many players his age that looks and plays the way he does and with good reason. Most athletes should train 1-2 hours a day for 4-5 days a week, especially when it comes to resistance training. Overtraining can really set you back. 

Kobe also does a solid combination of both compound and isolation workouts. Compound workouts build your body up by utilizating multiple muscle groups at once. Isolation workouts hit one muscle and targets a specific area which helps define a muscle. It's important to do both sets of movements.

Also, Kobe focused on training as an athlete, not as a bodybuilder. Therefore, he did all his workouts in terms of increasing his athletic ability and athleticism. He focused on things plyometrics to improve his jumping ability and fast reps to increase his explosive power as well as his uncanny ability to make dynamic cuts.











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Date Published : 2010-10-11 16:11:57
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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