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Justin Hartley Workout

Justin Hartley Workout


Justin Hartley turned some heads on his hit show Smallville when he showed off his physique. Justin Hartley's workout training routine consisted of very little actually. Hartley is not a fan of lifting weights or boring cardio, so one way he avoided burnout was to spend as little time in the gym as possible. Here are four tips that Hartley suggested in Men's Health magazine:

1) Combine systems- use a variety of dumbbells, barbells, machines and cables.
2) Focus on cardio if you're burned out from lifting weights or vice versa.
3) Vary your workout time to go in the a.m., p.m. or afternoon to give you an energy boost
4) Eat better and provide variety to your meals



Even with a lack of gym time, Hartley knew how to keep in great shape.



Our Take: Hartley had a great physique so he certainly knew how to utilize his lack of gym time efficiently. It's good to follow a combine system, in which you use a variety of dumbbells, barbells, machines and cables. It's all about variety to build muscle and to stimulate your muscle fibers in different ways. Going to the gym at the same time every day can be boring and be less motivating. Sometimes it's good to switch up the time and see how your body responds.




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Date Published : 2012-05-09 12:41:14
Written By : Muscle Prodigy

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