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Home Nutrition Amer the Hammer Meal Plan of the Day July 4 2011 Meal Plan of the Week- The Fighter Diet

July 4 2011 Meal Plan of the Week- The Fighter Diet

July 4 2011 Meal Plan of the Week- The Fighter Diet

July 4 2011 Nutritional Regimen of the Week

The Fighter Diet


The fighters' diet is much different from a bodybuilder’s diet; this is where most people go wrong.  A bodybuilder’s goal is to look as ripped as possible; unfortunately being super low in body fat hinders performance.  Yes, I am saying you need a bit of fat on your body for numerous reasons such as joint lubrication, protection of organs, and for fuel.


The bulk calories of your diet should derive from complex carbohydrates such as yams, brown rice, oatmeal, vegetables, quinoa etc.  Complex carbohydrates are the bodies main source of energy, so if you restrict carbohydrates, you are restricting energy, which restricts performance.  A fighter should be consuming anywhere from 1.5g-2.5g/lb on very intense training days.  If you are able to function on training days with very restricted calories, chances are you are not training hard enough.


Protein is vital to repair and growth of muscle fibers.  Protein sources must always be consumed with carbohydrates and come from sources such as chicken, turkey, white fish, salmon, eggs, egg whites, lean ground beef, and whey.  A fighter should be consuming anywhere from 1g/lb-1.4g/lb.


Healthy fats are vital.  Healthy fats repair the body, transport fat-soluble vitamins, lubricate the joints, and maintain a healthy heart.  Fats to be consumed are peanut butter, almonds, avocado, olive oil, omega-3 fish oil, fish sources etc.  Fats should make up 20% of the calories in your diet.


Sample fighter diet

Meal 1

¾ cup of Oats

4 egg whites

2 whole eggs


3g omega-3 fish oil


Meal 2[(pre training) Highest carb meal]

1 cup of brown rice

7oz Black COD



Meal 3[(post training) recovery meal)

20g of dextrose (fast digesting sugar)

200ml of grape juice

½ a banana

40g of whey protein



Meal 4

5oz sweet potato

7oz lean ground beef

1-cup broccoli


Meal 5(repair meal)

100g of cottage cheese

2 egg whites

30g of whey protein

1 tbsp of natural almond butter

3g-omega 3 fish oil


Every athlete, especially fighters should always be consuming a calorie rich diet, with a split of 50/30/20- carbohydrates-proteins-fats.  Carbohydrates are your body’s main source for energy; so don’t cut them, because you will be cutting your performance in the octagon short!


Check back daily for Amer the Hammer's Workout of the Week and Meal Plan of the Week on the home page of to help you get the best body of your dreams. Amer is a premiere fitness model and personal trainer that has helped hundreds of clients go from fat to contest ready in as little as a few weeks. Amer can help you with all of your needs including fat loss, body toning, muscle building, and pain management.

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