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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Josh Hopkins Workout

Josh Hopkins Workout

Josh Hopkins Workout


Josh Hopkins, star of ABC's hit show Cougar Town, has a workout routine that consists of overall functional training to build muscle mass, yet stay incredibly lean. At the age of 40, Hopkins still hits the gym hard, but has changed his approach from his younger years due to his age. In an interview with Men's Fitness, Hopkins said, "I experienced the same thing when I turned 30. I woke up, and both knees hurt." So now, the hit TV actor has aged gracefully by switching his routine from heavy lifting, sprints, and plyometrics to overall functional training that is easier on his joints. As you get older, your body becomes more fragile and injury prone. You don't have the same strength as if you were younger. It's really important to focus on strict form and lighter resistance when weight training, especially as you age. You should also always stretch and do some cardiovascular exercise. 


Hopkins trainer, O'Neil Cespedes says "Everything he does now simulates everyday movements". Hopkins says he is "naturally more muscular than skinny", but that means he has "to do a lot of cardio keep [his] heart rate up" and burning fat. However, Hopkins does not do your average 40 year old cardio routine of taking a slow jog in the park for 40 minutes. No, Hopkins says "I wasn't really good at it. It was frustrating to be out on a jog with all my friends and not be able to keep up". Hopkins has the right idea though because steady state cardio is not only ineffective at fat-burning, long runs take its toll on your joints. Instead, Josh likes a high intensity routine and often plays sports to get his cardio in. Hopkins likes to hit the boxing bag to get his cardio in. Cespedes says, "Josh used to train with Freddie Roach and is probably, hands down, the hardest puncher I've ever held pads for." Hopkins incorporates traditional and Thai boxing strikes into his routine. Short, intense periods of exercise cause the body’s metabolism to rise, level out and perform at peak operation. A higher, regulated metabolism means your body will efficiently burn calories and fat, efficiently utilize important body excretions such as insulin and properly consume and utilize nutrients. The bottom line is that you reach maximum health and conditioning in a short period of time.



In this episode of Cougar Town, you can really see Hopkin's definition. Hopkins is a 
big lover of cardio so you can see that his cardio is really working. He's got a great



As for weights, Hopkins likes to train 3 days a week. In order to keep his heart rate up and burn a lot of fat within those workouts, Hopkins does a lot of straight supersets so that he can constantly burn calories. The higher and more consistent you elevate your heart rate during a workout the higher the metabolism rises which continues to burn calories for several hours after the workout is complete. If you’re looking to get rid of that persistent belly fat, or just want to reduce your body fat further to achieve a more finely sculpted physique, again supersets are the go-to regimen in a strength training routine.



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