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Home The Girl of the Month Jody Heidke Interview

Jody Heidke Interview

Jody Heidke Interview

MP:  How long have you been training for and what got you started?

Jody: I have been training on and off for 10 years now, but in the last 2 years I have really made some tremendous strides. I actually discovered what works best for my body in gaining quality muscle and dropping my body fat in the healthiest way. I've dropped my bodyfat from 25% to 18% with hard work and dedication, and know that it can only get better from here on out with applying what I've learned.


MP: Why do you love being fit and healthy? Do you consider this one of the biggest joys in life?

Jody: My gym time is my number one priority in my life. Nothing beats the feeling, the days that I do have off for allowing my body to recover drives me crazy, but I know how necessary it is so I don't force myself into the gym, because I know it will only hurt. It is such an addiction that copes with stress and gives me an exuberant amount of confidence and makes me feel good. That is why fitness is placed on the top of my priorities.


MP: If you had to pick one, which exercise do you like most and why? 

Jody: My favorite exercises would have to be barbell squats, bicep dumbbell curls, and anything to do with my shoulders. I love getting the blood flowing and pumping into my shoulders especially. I love watching the muscles grow and form their shape.


MP: What about cardio. What is you favorite fat burning exercise?

Jody: Every morning on an empty tummy, I do either stair climbing, hill sprints, RPM bootcamp, or strictly brisk walking. It's a tremendous rush and although some people may think it's an awful way to start the day, I love the thrill...especially when you live on the beach like I do.


MP: How do you find getting up so early and training? How do you stay motivated?

Jody: I have always been a morning person, so getting up to me is a breeze. I do find that if you get up at the same time every morning for a week, you start to set your internal clock to that time and find that you don't even need to set an alarm, because your body is so used to waking up at that time. Once I'm up I can do anything at that time as I can throughout the rest of the day. I get it out of the way early and it frees up the rest of the day. Staying motivated is in you internally. Nothing is more motivating than seeing you transform into a person who has consistency and the results that you actually see transform before your eyes is the most incredible feeling in the world. Each day is motivating, because you are eager to see how your body responds.


MP: In these grim economic times with people putting their health aside for other "priorities", can you give your two cents here on why their health should always be number one priority? Explain why spending money on a personal trainer, even during these hard times, is one of the best purchases you can make.

Jody: A lot of the time, people can spend up to $100 on take out, junk food, cakes, and partying, etc. per week, which in fact is reversing the goals of the body internally and externally. Why not be spending that money on good, clean food and a personal trainer to push you and make you feel good all the time while speeding up your results? In time, I look at that way of living as saving money and time. It is the best of both worlds. Your wallet is thicker and your waist is thinner.


MP: When you see someone doing an exercise completely wrong (for instance doing a bench press, where he or she only brings it down halfway), do you go up to that person and explain how to perform the exercise properly?

Jody: This can be a touchy subject. As a personal trainer, I would definitely approach the person in a nice friendly manner, not pointing out they are doing it wrong, but simply suggesting they would benefit more from a full range of motion and perfect technique.


MP: You have a huge interest in tattoos. How many tattoos do you have? Can you tell us what some of them mean?

Jody: I do have an interest in tattoos and have four. I have a rather big piece on my back, which is a real heart with wings and a halo with my parents tattooed in a banner. This symbolizes how close I am to my parents. I am their angel and they are my guardian angels who always have my back. They are my heart and soul and my best friends in the world. I have 2 on my lower back, which were my first tattoos, which have no meaning. I also have the southern cross on my ankle, because I am proud of being an Australian


MP: You have a fetish for skulls. Explain this.

Jody: I have no idea why I love them, but I just do. My house is full of them. My t-shirts are covered in them. I also love drawing and painting them.


MP: What do you look for in guys? What makes them sexy?

Jody: I look for confidence and happiness in a guy. I like honest, loyal men with a slight rough edge. Nothing is sexier physically, than a chiseled jaw, a nice smile and eyes, and a well looked after toned physique.


MP: What are your biggest turn-offs with guys ?

Jody: My biggest turn-offs are players, cheaters, and guys who take advantage of nice women. Also, I can't stand men who are egotistical and refer everything back to them. Strangely enough, I also don't like men who don't like animals. I'm an animal-lover.


MP: What do you think guys are attracted to in woman?

Jody: Men like classy, happy, and confident woman who know who they are and where they are going.


MP: When men have approached you, what was the worst line you've ever heard?

Jody: "My phone is broken...Your number is not in it!"


MP: What is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

Jody: A boyfriend of mine was in manpower and was going overseas on tour. As the 2 weeks went by while he was gone, I had little notes everywhere in my drawers reminding me of how much he loved me, and had flowers delivered. He also wrote in 3 towels on the floor "I (heart) U". That was sweet and made the time he was away go by a little quicker.


MP: You have a love for animals. Do you own any pets? What kind of joy do animals bring you?

Jody: My love for animals is so strong. They are so loyal, funny, kind, and understanding. I had a Staffy for 10 years that recently passed away. She was adorable and so beautiful. At current, I have a fighter fish that
was $7 and I'm guessing after a few illnesses is worth $100. I love him though and he is worth it. In my childhood, I also had 2 blue lobsters for 6 years. My family didn't really like it (especially my sister) but to me they were like my babies.


MP: How is life living in Australia? Have you ever been to the United States or any other countries? What are your thoughts on these places?

Jody: I love Australia, but I also love America. If given half the chance, I would pack up and move no questions asked. I have been to Las Vegas and had so much fun there. The food and the atmosphere is second to none. It was amazing. I'm going to Thailand for Christmas and New Years this year, so I'm currently saving away so my trip can be as lavish as possible. Bring on the sun and massages with intense training the whole way.


MP: What is something that people might not know about you?

Jody: I'm a very generous person. I get sad when I see old people. I love cleaning thanks to my mom and dad for bringing me up in a spick-and-span household. I would do anything to save the life of an animal.


MP: What are your future goals?

Jody: My future goals are to travel more, and get my body fat down to 12%. You only live once, so why not have the life you dream of.

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 19:44:55
Written By : Muscle Prodigy