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Jessica Harvey Interview

Jessica Harvey Interview

MP: How do you balance your time between being a promotional model and teaching with living a healthy lifestyle?

Jess: With my modeling (teaching and working), im always moving about showing the girls how to walk, stand and soforth im always getting that physical activity though my work and when things quieten down I make sure I go for a jog or a swim. To keep the balance and have a healthy lifestyle I make sure that im always on the go getting that physical movement and eating all the time. I get hungary just hanging the washing out haha…when im working and flat out I make time for healthy foods and I make sure that I have meat and vegatables everynight for tea. I also make sure I get a healthy breakfast and a very filling lunch No matter what I have going on in my life.


MP: Are you more of a weight training girl or a cardio girl? Why do you prefer one over the other?

Jess: I would say im more of a cardio girl, I really feel like I have got a lot out of a fast paced workout that gets the heart rate up. I believe that weight training (muscle building)   is boring haha..i like a challenge and to keep up- beat and moving like aerobics and the bikes, swimming and running. I don’t exactly go to the gym and have a specific workout, I just like to get the body moving in any type of physical activity, whether it be through my work as a teacher  or running about of a day.


MP: As a model whom competes in various contests, in which your body and figure is being judged, how do you keep in shape? What kind of pressure is this and how do you exercise and train in preparation for these contests?

Jess: I was born very petite and small so I like to keep healthy but don’t push myself to extremes to keep toned and any weight down, because I don’t need to. So there is never really any pressure. Usually before a competiton I’ll go jogging and maybe a swim but that’s about it. I mainly keep in shape through eating healthy vegies and meat at least 5 times a week and I get that physical activity through my teaching and modeling. Haha and through strutting, walking, posing and standing.


MP: You were recently selected as 1 of 12 girls selected for Australia to be a Grid Girl for all the 2010 V8 racing series. What is a Grid Girl and what kind of honor is this? What comes with being a Grid Girl?

Jess: Being a Grid Girl is an awesome job, I did the 2009 v8 races for tasmania and worked on the grid’s assigned to the bottolo car. The job consisted of promoting the brand out around the crouds and holding up the bottolo flags near the car right before the start of the race. A grid girl is assigned to a car to promote them and hand out promotional items such as hats and stubby holders. You also stand with the drivers whilst they are signing autographs. For the 2010 v8 racing series the grid girl will be flown from their home town to where the race will be held for the weekend, all up there is about 14 rounds all across australia. At each event bits and pieces of the girls working as grid girls will be filmed and made into a tv show, to be show on fox sports and fuel tv. Called grid girls australia.


MP: Tell us your experiences with being a Ralph Australian Swimsuit finalist for 4 years straight and winning the Miss Cougar 09 contest. Why is this recognition so important to you and yourcareer?

Jess: Being a Ralph finalist and winning miss cougar were huge recognitions because of the experience that was gained from doing this and ralph and miss cougar are so well known that it looks really good under things that I have completed as a paegent model and promotional model. And you don’t get anywhere in the modeling industry unless you keep trying and trying.


MP: You enjoy doing gymnastics and swimming. What kinds of experiences do you have with these sports and what kinds of positive impact has it had on your fitness level?

Jess: I Don’t do gymnastics anymore but when I did it was a fantastic sport to tone you up and get u flexible. Gymnastics for me was an all rounder in fitness it worked on all parts of the body all in one session. I still swim and love it, it’s a real fun sport you don’t feel like your working out. Its more fun. Swimming is a great sport to get that heart rate up and get the whole body moving. I tell you what though after a few decent laps of the pool im so hungary haha so I no I been buring something!. In any physical activity which is also mentally exhausting is a postive, it means your getting fit and healthy.


MP: Are you an aspiring assistant principal or are you currently one? Why did you choose this career path?

Jess: I am currently a Assistant Principal for flawless modeling Academy, I taught modeling for a term then was promoted to assistant principal and still teach. I choose this a one career path because I love what I do and it is only of a night time that you teach and bits and pieces through the day with the managent side. I still have time for myself and time to do promo work. Also the girls get a lot out of what we teach and we watch these girls grow into confident woman. It’s really rewarding.


MP: Describe your perfect kind of boyfriend.

Jess: Haha..well no one is perfect which is fantastic because then we would be boring. But perfect for myself would be a man who is genuine and kind, have a huge adventurous streak, hardworking and a great personality. Oh..ok and cute a little too.


MP: As a young 21 year old, what kinds of future plans and goals do you have for yourself?

Jess: One of my future plans is to become a nurse, I start my bachelor of nursing in feb 2010. Another plan would be, to be still at flawless academy training up girls, and also for my modeling carer to steam ahead meaning  more paid photoshoots  and magazine shoots. More promo work and so forth. I also would like to be married one day.


Jess Harvey's Workout

"I usually perform a jog every other morning, and twice a week I go to the pool for as many laps as I can get in. I teach nearly every night so im constantly walking to get in that needed physical excersise. I don’t really have time for the gym, and do not feel it is necessary to go when im getting excersise in other ways everyday."

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 21:50:49
Written By : Muscle Prodigy