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Jermaine O'Neal Workout

Jermaine O'Neal Workout


When not sidelined with injuries, Jermaine O’Neal can be found in the paint, posting up as one of the best power forwards in the game. At 6’11”, 260 lbs., O’Neal is a brash powerhouse. At the age of 33, O’Neal needs to do all he can in the weight room to maintain an edge over his youthful competitors. So how does he do it? Well, with a killer workout plan.

Spending all that time with your arms raised, boxing out, and looking for that outlet pass can be quite taxing on your core. Thankfully, O’Neal knows this, and does not neglect core stabilization training. In his high plank with forearm touch workout, O’Neal steadies himself into pushup position with his hips and shoulders in line with one another. Stabilizing himself, O’Neal will lift his left hand and touch his right forearm. After this, he will place his left hand back on its starting spot on the floor, then repeat the action with his opposite hand and arm. Keeping his back completely flat, O’Neal will complete this movement for six times with each arm. Maintaining this position for extended periods of time is tiring. However, O’Neal needs to tire his muscles and work them until fatigue in order to make himself stronger.

To work his stabilizing leg and lower back muscles, O’Neal utilizes the Physioball (or Yoga ball) for his next workout. O’Neal lies on his back with the heels of his feet resting on the Yoga ball making a V-shape with his body. He will then raise his pelvis toward the ceiling and make a straight line with his midsection elevated. With only his shoulder blades touching the floor, O’Neal uses his feet and legs to curl the Yoga ball in toward his towards his butt. Once the ball is in as far as possible, the athlete then lets the ball roll back out toward starting position. He will repeat this motion for two sets of ten reps. This exercise is extremely versatile and works O’Neal’s core, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Making quick movements up and down the court, in the paint, and toward and away from opponents puts a lot of stress on the feet and ankles of basketball players. In order to strengthen muscle and prevent injury, O’Neal takes advantage of the ankle band shuffle exercise. Using fastened ankle bands, O’Neal loops a band around each foot. He steps forward a bit from the wall or machine shuffles quickly to the right, letting the bands provide resistance on his ankles. He will then shuffle back to starting position and move to his left. O’Neal will repeat this motion for three sets of ten reps in each direction. This exercise puts resistance on the ankles and strengthens the gluteus medius as well as the abductors. This gives O’Neal an edge, and works muscle and bone groups that other basketball players may have failed to train.

In the video below you can see Jermaine O’Neal toward the earlier part of his career on the Indiana Pacers. Both a dominant force on offense and defense, O’Neal’s training allows him to be true presence and a force feared by many.




NOTE: This is only part of Jermaine O'Neal's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine








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Date Published : 2012-07-16 13:52:01
Written By : Scott Wordsman

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