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Jeremy Lin Workout

Jeremy Lin Workout


Jeremy Lin is on top of the sports world with his recent performance as the starting point guard of the New York Knicks. After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of Harvard, Lin was cut by two NBA teams before joining the New York Knicks this season. The rest is history. Linsanity is everywhere these days. As evidence by his skills and never-ending motor on the court, Lin is a tireless worker off the court and it all started in the gym. Lin shared his secrets with and we will expand on his routine.

Lin is not really a believer in doing the typical cardio on the treadmill or ellipitcal. His cardio always begins and ends with basketball. Said Lin, "I’ll do a lot of 1-on-1 moves and start at half court, come down and do a move at the three-point line and go down and try to dunk it. And I’ll just do that over and over with different moves for like an hour and a half. By the time I’m done with that I’m pretty dead. That’s kind of my philosophy, though. If I’m going to get myself tired, I want to make sure it’s functional and makes sense with a basketball." 




As you can see, Lin has a pretty ripped physique. You can even see a vein coming from his


He focuses his weight training on increasing his lateral speed, agility and his vertical. He does Olympic lifts, squats, lunges, slideboards and 5-10-5s. The 5-10-5s is a test that measures your change-of-direction speed. Doing this kind of workout helps maintain control of your body through rapid changes of speed and direction. Lin also does deadlifts and hang cleans.

To train his upper body, Lin trains with high reps because he doesn't want to become too bulky. His focus is on building his endurance so his muscles won't deteriorate during a the course of a full NBA season. When Lin does either the bench press or dumbbell press, he does about 20 to 40 reps per set. He alternates between light and heavy sets.






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Lin is also a big proponent of yoga to improve his flexibility and core strength, which helps keep him fresh and injury-free. On his off-days, he likes playing recreational football. 

Take a look at some of the workouts he performs as you can see during this inspirational clip made exclusively by us:



In terms of his diet, Lin chooses to eat out every meal because he isn't a big cook and either is anyone in his family. Lin is very strict about three things in his diet. First, he eats one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. He is around 205 pounds so he shoots for 205 grams of protein a day. Second, he needs eight servings of veggies. Lastly, he drinks about five big bottles of water a day. 

Here is Lin's typical meal and workout routine during the day:

Breakfast: Five eggs and a lean meat (preferably turkey or ham). Lin tries to get around 50 grams of protein with this meal.

Weight training

Basketball training

Mid-morning snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Salad and a sandwich (preferably chicken breast, salmon or turkey).

Afternoon nap

Afternoon basketball training

Dinner: Varies (preferably a big salad, pasta bowl or chicken).

Pre-Bedtime: Casein protein shake

Lin tries to eat lean carbs and lean meat during his meals. When Lin refers to lean carbs, he means carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index chart. Foods that have a low glycemic index take much longer for your body to digest them and the nutrients are released at a much slower pace. When this happens, blood sugar is less affected, and that means you don't get a dreaded insulin spike, which often results in fat gain.


When Lin was playing in the West Coast, he had a weakness for In-N-Out Burger, one of his fast-foods of choice. While this may seem very disadvantageous to one's goals, cheat meals actually serve an important purpose. When your body doesn't get a steady amount of carbohydrates during the day, it often resorts to other sources such as fat stores and your muscle to get the energy it needs. When you do this very often, however, your metabolism slows down to try to preserve your body's natural stores of muscle and fat in what is called "survival mode". So, when you introduce an influx of carbohydrates and calories after having a low carbohydrate intake for a brief while, then your body gets out of that "survival mode" and its metabolism gets a spike. That means you'll be able to burn more calories throughout the week. The best way to keep body fat at a minimal level is to have 4 days of low carbohydrates and then ont he 5th day, have a much larger increase in carbohydrates. This will prevent your body from entering that "survival mode" and it will keep your metabolism peaking. 














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Date Published : 2012-03-07 18:48:15
Written By : Richard Allen and Jaret Grossman

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