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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Jean Claude Van Damme Workout

Jean Claude Van Damme Workout

Jean Claude Van Damme Workout


"The Muscles from Brussels" is a synonymous term with the action movie genre, playing in some 30+ films, the most successful of which were Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Timecop, and Universal Soldier. Van Damme has had one of the best physiques to ever walk this planet: not too overly muscular, but ripped enough for every girl to want a piece. Van Damme had a very hard workout training routine to achieve his physique, his martial arts skill, and his famous leg split between two chairs. From doing gymnastics at a young age to working out in a dojo with kids twice his age when he was 11 years old, JCVD was a student of training, nutrition, and working out. "I've always had a very addictive personality, so when I train, I really train hard. I would bike for two hours a day through the woods, I would spar non stop for like an hour almost every day. I followed a very complete training program in every area and it was very rigorous. I was doing condition, cardio, sparing, stretching, and weight lifting. To really be good in karate, you've got to do everything except karate in your training because when you have the techniques of kicking and punching down, you've got to build around it with condition, balance, and the other aspects I previously mentioned."

Even at 49 years old (shown above), JCVD goes to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. "Even as a small kid from Belgium I needed to train to feel good physically and mentally. As you know, training, whether it be in acting, martial arts, whatever, can give you a lot of confidence in yourself. It has given me a lot of confidence from the physical point of view and confidence from the mental point of view."

He said that he's so experienced in training that all he needs to do is listen to his body. He doesn't follow a specific program anymore, but makes sure it is balanced with cardio, flexibility, and weight training. Van Damme says that a lot of people are uneducated about weightlifting and overdo it."I didn't have a great education because I left school early, but one thing I do know about training is (Long pause), I came to a point in my training where I just feel, and when you feel yourself, you start to internally talk to yourself. Not talking verbally but just feeling and listening to what your body and muscles are telling you about what works for you. It took me years to learn how to do this. I hurt myself many times when I was younger by not listening to my body. I mean, I was bench pressing 166 kilo at the age of 19, and I actually really hurt some bone structure in my wrists. The bones and joints just aren't made for that. So now I lift and train very slowly and precise, meticulously listening to my body. "




Talk about perfect aesthetics. He is one
of the most ripped guys in Hollywood.


Jean Claude Van Damme's diet routine consists of rice, bread, vegetables, and beans. Van Damme doesn't believe in eating anything "with a soul" in it. He will only eat meat on certain occasions, and if he does, he makes sure that it has absolutely no fat on it.


Our take: With his karate background, it's no wonder why he sported one of the best physiques in Hollywood. Karate teaches you discipline and it teaches you unique ways to use your strength. Karate incorporates a lot of functional strength and definitely adds an emphasis on balance and stabilization, two facets that can help you push your body to new heights.




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Date Published : 2012-05-07 13:53:10
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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