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Home Training Training Advice- Q & A I Can't Seem to Lose Weight, What Should I Do?

I Can't Seem to Lose Weight, What Should I Do?

I Can't Seem to Lose Weight, What Should I Do?


Question from Sam from Springfield, VA

I am very frustrated with losing weight. I eat small meals frequently, I stay away from carbs and fat, and I work out a lot. Yet I'm still overweight and I just can't seem to lose the weight. Can you help me Muscle Prodigy?


Answer from Muscle Prodigy

I'm unsure what you're doing wrong when you say that you eat frequently, stay away from carbs and fat, and work out a lot. This could mean one of two things. You're either heavily exaggerating or your definitions of what you've described are far off from what you're supposed to do.

First off... in terms of diet, I'm glad that you're eating frequently. That's very important. You want to treat your stomach like a furnace holding a fire. If you put too much in at any one time, it'll smother the fire and it will go out. If you don't feed it frequently enough, the fire will run out as well. We want to eat so the fire will continuously run- therefore you need to eat every 2-3 hours. When you stay away from carbs and fat, I hope you don't stay away from them completely. That means that your only source of macro-nutrients is protein? That's very bad. Not only is that harmful for your health and kidneys, but that's not the best way to lose weight effectively. Carbs and fat serve their importance in losing weight. You need both. Try to keep your total calories in check- whatever your basal metabolic rate is less 500 calories. Don't go too overboard restricting yourself or you will halt the fat-burning process. You should strive to eat no more than 30 g protein per meal- your body can't digest anymore than that.  Strive for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Carbohydrates should make up about 50% of your diet. Make sure they are low glycemic though.

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