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How to Run Faster

How to Run Faster

Being able to run faster can give you an edge in a variety of endeavors. So, whether you desire to increase running speed as a personal goal or as an athletic necessity, there are certain steps which can be taken to do so. Of course, to achieve this goal will entail hard work and dedication to exercise and practice.

There are professional workout programs which can increase your running speed in the shortest time possible. Such a program is the MP45 Program by Muscle Prodigy. Implementing the H.I.S.T. (High Intensity Stimulation Training) into your daily workout regimen will have you running a faster mile in just 45 days. Through the MP45 Program, you will not only run faster, but will also add muscle mass and get sound advice for creating a nutritious and healthy diet plan so you get maximum benefits from the foods you eat.

Tips for Running Faster

Tip #1 – Workout Smarter, Not Harder Today’s busy lifestyle can be detrimental to a consistent workout program. Workout sessions and exercise routines are often the first to go when life’s unexpected chores pop up. Therefore, you should get the most out of your workout by creating an exercise program that targets running speed performance and stick with it. The MP45 Program combines essential workouts into a concise, high intensity exercise regimen so you get the maximum benefit from the least amount of time.

Tip #2 – Healthy DietThe old adage “you are what you eat” is very true and, if you want to run faster, you need to eat the proper nutritious foods in order to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to maximize energy, growth and recovery. MP45 provides scientifically backed and effective nutritional principles that will transform your body into the fast and efficient running machine it was designed to be.

Tip #3 – Mix Up Training
Performing the same exercises or running the same distances and routes will cause you to hit a plateau in your growth. In order to build stamina and the ability to run faster, you need to vary your training. You should constantly mix up the pace, drills, terrain and distances in order to cause your muscles and nervous system to increase response. You will receive a variety of performance enhancing workout drills in the MP45 Program that will stimulate the full spectrum of your body to perform better.

Tip #4 – Get Plenty of Rest Commitment to a high intensity workout program and getting proper nutrition will set you on the path of a faster running speed. However, overtraining can nullify those efforts. You also need to get adequate rest so that your body can recover from the stress you encounter in your speed training program. 

Run faster as well as gain more muscle mass and increase your overall performance by following Muscle Prodigy’s MP45 Program. Years of research have gone into providing you with the best program to increase your performance in just 45 days by boosting your metabolism, creating a positive anabolic hormone atmosphere and transforming your body through High Intensity Stimulation Training and maximized nutritional intake. 

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