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How to Make Smoothies for a Workout Program

How to Make Smoothies for a Workout Program


Smoothies are a wonderfully delicious and refreshing treat any time of the day, but they are especially good as part of a nutritious workout and diet plan as long as you know what to add and what to avoid adding. Following are some top tips on how to make smoothies that are not only delicious, but nutritious additions to your workout program.





Use Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Whenever possible, use fresh fruits and vegetables for your smoothie. Fresh produce have all their vitamins and minerals intact and, therefore, are more nutritious. In most cases, leave the skins on as that is where many of the nutritious goodies abide. 

Avoid canned, processed fruits as they usually have sugars and other additives included which are unhealthy. Stick with fresh produce whenever possible, making sure to always wash it before adding it in your smoothie.





Frozen Produce

Use frozen fruits and vegetables in your smoothie when various types are not in season and not available in your grocery store or farmer’s market. Frozen fruits and vegetables can lose some of their nutrients, but are healthier choices over canned produce. Frozen fruits and vegetables also add the benefit of making your nutritious smoothie cold as well as delicious and healthy.

In order to avoid the high prices of store-bought frozen produce, buy in bulk during season and process and freeze it yourself. Thoroughly wash the fruits or vegetables, cut them up into small chunks that will puree easily in your blender, place them in a zip-top baggie and place in the freezer. Be sure to date your produce and use the oldest frozen produce first.





Sweeten Your Nutritious Smoothie

To keep your smoothie healthy, resist adding sugar or artificial sweeteners and, instead, use other natural sweet sources which are better for your health. A banana, sweet strawberries, or pure honey, all add sweetness without being detrimental to your health.



Adding Flavor:

Add or change the flavor of your nutritional smoothie by including extracts, herbs, or spices. Try a dash of nutmeg, spearmint, cinnamon, or other flavorings to brighten up your smoothie. Just be sure to add a small amount at a time as extracts and spices can overpower your smoothie quickly.



Thicken It Up:

If you want your smoothie on the thick side, add substances which, again, are void substances which are void of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Keep your smoothie healthy by making it creamier with skim or soy milk, or plain or Greek yogurt.



Add Protein: 

Turn your delicious and nutritious fruit or vegetable smoothie into a protein powerhouse. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but when you’re pumping iron and wanting to pack on the muscle mass, you also need to consume large amounts of protein. 

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