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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump


If you want to increase vertical jump, you simply have to apply the same methods necessary for improving any other ability… proper training. By utilizing target exercises, nutritional diet and persistent motivation, you can jump higher in a matter of only a few weeks.

Bottom line, in order to improve vertical jump, you must generate more power from your leg muscles. Since most of your jumping power originates in the quads and calves, these muscles must be particularly strengthened. Core strength and flexibility are also important factors in vertical jump motion so these issues need to be addressed as well.

Basically, three overall factors must be considered when training for a higher vertical jump. These are: increasing the force of your overall muscular output, increasing the distance of the applied force and shortening the time of the movement. By improving these three elements through proper exercise and training, you will see a marked increase in your vertical jump performance.





Building Quad Strength

Most of your vertical driving force comes from your quad muscles. Therefore, it is essential to target these muscles during weight training exercises 

The best overall exercise for increasing quad strength (as well as core strength) is through squats. During the exercise, make the attempt to lower yourself down as far as possible. Doing so will build the quad muscles as well as cause the glutes to get involved, which are also used in vertical propulsion. You should strive to squat twice your body weight or more in order to see significant improvement in your jump.

You should also practice single-leg squats for even greater vertical jump gains. Most vertical jump moves are initiated from one leg. Therefore, increasing individual leg strength through single-leg squats will provide extra upward drive when leaping from one leg.





Building Calf Strength

Calf muscles provide the last surge of force when performing a vertical jump. Therefore, you should also utilize calf exercises which will increase their explosive strength.

To increase calf muscle strength, perform a variety of calf raises and calf presses using body weight, dumbbells and barbells. You especially want to focus on calf exercises which increase their range of motion. This is key in developing greater extension which results in higher leaps. Calf muscles are tough so they really need to be really worked in order to stimulate growth so hit them hard and often.





Increase Flexibility 

Increased flexibility is another important aspect that you want to target in order to improve vertical jump. Tight muscles, ligaments and tendons will hinder the full range of your lower body’s ability to exert maximum force.

Therefore, you should work lower body flexibility training into your exercise routine. You should specifically target stretching exercises which benefit your quads, calves, hamstrings and hip flexors.





Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises train your muscles to produce faster, more powerful movements through improving the functions of the nervous system. When muscles are contracted and then released with explosive force, they “learn” to produce this type of action when needed. Explosive force that utilizes muscle strength and elasticity is vital in achieving a higher vertical jump.

When planning your strength training routine, add plyometric exercises and movements into the mix. For example, instead of slowly pressing up weight from a squat, explode it upward. You should also include such lower body plyometric exercises as box jumps, split-lunge jumps and ankle hops. These rapid movements will work to train your muscles to give you extra explosive power when making a vertical jump.





Get Help from a Program That Works

If you want to improve your vertical jump as well as your nutritional intake and overall physique, take advantage of Muscle Prodigy’s MP45 Program. This powerful exercise program is designed to optimize your performance through a proven workout routine that incorporates the necessary aspects of weight training, aerobic exercise, plyometric movements and proper nutrition.

What’s more, if you incorporate these vertical jump tips and follow the plan and advice laid out in MP45, you can reach your goals in a short 45 days. Try MP45 and see if you aren’t transformed into the best person you can be in a short amount of time.


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