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How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

The testosterone levels in our country are on a serious decline in the past few decades due to our changes in diet and our sedentary desk jobs. No wonder why we are all wondering how to increase our testosterone naturally. Let's delve into what this hormone actually is before we give you the tips to increase your testosterone levels through all-natural means.

Testosterone is a potent anabolic hormone, responsible for sexual desire and function, muscular hypertrophy, densification of bones, and hair growth. Testosterone plays an important role throughout every stage of our lives from prenatally with the development of the male genitalia to our adulthood when trying to pack on some muscle and shed a few pounds.  Testosterone ultimately is the holy grail of packing on lean muscle and getting a ripped body fast. Why?

Testosterone aids in protein synthesis, effectively helping rebuild muscle fibers with amino acids. It preserves existing muscle mass and helps build it. 

Testosterones' chief antagonists are estrogen and cortisol, a stress, fight-or-flight catabolic hormone that wastes precious muscle tissue to keep us alive. Excessive cortisol levels decrease your body's ability to produce testosterone, because it goes into what's called "Survival mode", where your body isn't too concerned with reproducing. High estrogen levels decrease your testosterone levels and contribute to weight gain and muscle wasting. 

So how do we increase testosterone? Here are the best tips to increase your testosterone naturally.


You need to get into a proper nutritional regimen. Not only do you have to eat every couple of hours, but you have to eat the right foods. Here are some powerful foods you must not go without:

1. Broccoli/Cauliflower- Cruciferous Vegetables with Indole-3-carbinol reduces estrogen levels and keep testosterone high

2. Cabbage- High in fiber and fiber keeps estrogen low

3. Celery- Contains Androsterone

4. Brussels Sprotus- Seeing the pattern? Colorful vegetables will do wonders for your body  

5. Garlic- Allicin enhances testosterone levels and inhibits cortisol

6. Oysters- Higher in zinc than almost any other food source, which plays an integral role in tesotsterone levels

7. Beef- Saturated Fats increase your body's ability to produce testosterone

8. Beans

9. Whole Eggs- Certain cholesterol is actually good - testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol

10. Avocado- Used to be called the testicle tree by the Aztecs

11. Bananas- The Bromelain enzyme increases libido

12. Almonds- Do not shy away from essential fatty acids. Nuts should literally be your midnight snack- Almonds, Natural peanut butter, and sunflower seeds are a great meal to have just before bed due to the high amounts of L-arginine they have in them, which is known to increase the muscle hormones in your body while you are sleeping.

Make sure to get plenty of zinc, eat saturated and monounsaturated fats. Many people think that they should completely eliminate carbohydrate intake. Wrong. You want to avoid foods that regularly spike your blood glucose levels (so don't eat things like white bread, cereal, candy, cakes, etc), but you need to keep carbohydrates high to keep testosterone high. Your carb to protein ratio should be 2:1. You also should be getting about 30% of your calories from fat, so the appropriate split should be around: 45% carbs, 25% protein, 30% fat. Also, you shouldn't decrease your calories either to lose weight and increase testosterone. Instead, you should eat the same or more and just ramp up your workouts. If you drop your calorie intake by more than 15%, your body goes into shutdown mode or starvation mode, where it is concerned about survival rather than reproducing, so it will never produce testosterone optimally. 

If you would like to get a detailed eating plan that shows you exactly what to eat throughout every time of the day then you will love the MP45 Program, which specifically formulates a 45 day meal plan designed to increase your lean muscle mass and reduce abdominal fat, while increasing the anabolic hormonal environment within your body by introducing many of the foods above plus plenty more you don't know about that will keep your TESTOSTERONE SOARING.


Obviously you know to exercise, but there's exercising and then there's exercising to increase testosterone- two totally different animals. In order to ramp up your testosterone levels, you need to bring a certain level of intensity to your workouts. Try these tips that will really help you ramp up your hormone levels to a new gear:

1. Use heavy weights that you can only complete for about 5 reps. This will be at about 85% of your 1RM and will

2. Do compound movements, where you use multiple muscle groups in one movement to recruit a ton of muscle fibers to generate one rep. There is no better tesotsterone booster than the squat and the deadlift, but incorporate others such as the bent over row, military shoulder press, clean and press, bench press, etc.

3. SPRINT- Sprinting as fast as you can and doing uphill sprints will increase serum total testosterone levels and levels remained elevated during recovery. Testosterone is directly correlated with lactate levels int he blood (lactic acid is predominantly produced when you go through anaerobic exercise, not aerobic exercise). Studies show that even six second bursts at full energy result in tremendous increases in testosterone.

4. Do at least three sets of each weight-lifting movement, where you take at leaast one to complete failure. 

5.Rest at least 1 minute between sets, so you can continue lifting at at least 70% of your One Rep Max during the entire session. 

6. You grow outside of the gym not inside the gym. Working out too frequently will blunt your testosterone growth. Never stress the same musclegroups within 48 hours of each other and do not work out for more than one hour per each session.

If you would like to get a detailed training plan that shows you exactly what to train throughout every single day then you will love the MP45 Program, which specifically formulates a 45 day meal plan designed to increase your lean muscle mass and reduce abdominal fat, while increasing the anabolic hormonal environment within your body by introducing many of the exercises and concepts above plus plenty more you don't know about that will keep your TESTOSTERONE SOARING. Staying lean is a cycle- the leaner you are, the more testosterone your body anturally produces, so it becomes easier to maintain that leanness. When your overweight and have a flopping belly, that increases your estrogen levels, decreases your testosterone. You need to kickstart your body to get into a hormonal shift by introducing the tactics to get you lean and ultimately, it will become easier to stay lean because you will be producing more testosterone naturally. 


STRESS LESS. When you get stressed out, your body releases tons of cortisol. Meditate, exercise regularly, read enjoying books, and get lots of laughs in.

You can avoid the cortisol meltdown by also not overtraining. To help you with this, take Beta Alanine 30 minutes prior to your workout, which will help decrease cortisol levels during your workouts.


Avoid xenoestrogens, which are man-made estrogens that are found in things like pesticides, air fresheners, body washes and soaps with parabens, plastic containers. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and store food in glass containers. Try to buy natural products that don't contain parabens. 

Vitamin C will also help you keep testosterone levels in check by allowing your body to reduce the armostase enzyme that converts your testosterone into estrogen.


This vitamin is so neglected in our daily lives, because our body cannot produce this vitamin- we must get it from sources such as the sun; that is hard enough considering most of us work indoors and often, we live in cold climates. If you can't make an effort to get in the sun at least once a week, then supplement with Vitamin D. 


Drinking alcohol increases estrogen. Alcohol affects the endocrine system, causing your testes to basically shut down the production of the male hormone testosterone. Alcohol makes it hard for you rliver to breakdown estrogen, which can give you gyno. Stay away if you don't want bitch tits! 


Basically it's a cycle. The more erections you have, the more testosterone your body wants/needs to produce. German scientists found that simply having an erection causes your circulating testosterone to rise significantly and having sex in the morning can goose your natural post-dawn testosterone surge. 


Sleeping less than seven to eight hours a night can screw up your circadian rhythm. Testosterone is mainly produced during the REM stages of sleep, and production exponentially increases the more you sleep. An REM cycle takes 90 minutes, so little power naps won't help your cause. A good indication to see if your sleeping enough is if you've felt like you were dreaming the entire night. This is because you dream more towards the latter portions of the night, only after you've entered the first few REM cycles.


Your testicles need to be at about 2 degrees cooler than your body temperature to function at its best and produce the most tesosterone. This is why they hang down from your body. Be careful with putting on tight underwear, tight pants, hot baths, etc. It's best to wear loose boxers during the day and be cognizant of not overheating your balls. 


Depression destroys testosterone and being jovial will increase it. Don't worry, be happy! 

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