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How to Increase Vascularity

How to Increase Vascularity


Bulging veins on a ripped body adds to the impressive appearance of a bodybuilder. Vascularity is a visible badge that tags your hard work and masculinity for all to see.

Some folks are just naturally vascular, obtaining large veins through their genetic makeup. However, others who aren’t so genetically blessed have to work at acquiring large veins just like some have to work harder at building big calves or forearms.

Luckily, there are ways to maximize vein appearance in the bodybuilding world and this article deals with how to deal with this issue.





Ways to Increase Vascularity

Here are the top ways to increase vascularity and get bulging veins like those displayed on such greats as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and Lou Ferrigno.



Increase Workout Intensity – If you’re “comfortable” when doing your workout or are taking extended breaks to chat with the chicks in between sets then your vascularity is going to suffer. Vascularity is increased by raising the blood pressure in your veins and that comes about by hitting your weight training program hard through higher reps, drop sets and supersets. Strive for bigger pumps and don’t give your muscles time to recover during your workout. Leave recovery time for after the pumping is over.

Decrease Body Fat – Maintaining high body fat is only beneficial in hiding those ripped muscles and bulging veins you’re so keen on achieving. Everyone knows that belly fat, for instance, covers 6-pack abs like bulky blanket covers a baby. Eliminate the belly fat and the hard work you’ve been doing through ab exercises will begin to reveal itself. The same goes for exposing your veins. Body fat can cover those much desired bulges in the same way. Significantly lower the body fat and your veins will become more noticeable.

Eliminate Retained Water
– Competitive bodybuilders have to deal with this on an ongoing basis. They know that reducing subcutaneous water will increase their vascularity, thereby more readily impressing judges. However, many folks make the mistake of avoiding fluids in order to eliminate subcutaneous water. The truth is, if you cut down on fluid intake then your body will instinctively retain water. The correct way to reduce water weight and increase vascularity is to drink more water and then, when you cut down for competition, your body will eliminate more excess water through urination than it holds. This occurs because your body doesn’t think it’s in a drought situation.


Maximize Vascularity Efforts

If you’re serious about getting shredded and increasing vascularity in the shortest amount of time, delve into the High Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.) program developed by Jaret Grossman of Muscle Prodigy. The MP45 Program will guide you through high intensity weight training, aerobic exercise training and top-notch nutritional diets that will have you bulged and bulked in a mere 45 days. 

MP45 by Muscle Prodigy gives you what you need to increase the intensity of your pumps, maximize cardiovascular health and significantly reduce body fat while showing you how to utilize a healthy diet for the rebuilding and repairing of damaged muscles. This combination produces maximum muscle mass as well as increased vascularity, all in one proven and effective strength training program.


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