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How to Increase Male Libido Naturally

How to Increase Male Libido Naturally

If your sex drive is dwindling then you may be experiencing a lag in your libido. Contrary to the popular belief that a low libido is only a single man’s problem, a loss of the love bug can actually occur in both married and single men for a variety of reasons. 

The good news is that there are natural methods in which to increase libido, so before you run out and spend a ton of money on a new Ferrari, thinking it will cure your love ills, give these following tips a try. Then, once you restore your sex drive, you single guys can use that money for all the dates, and married men will have it to take the wife on that dream tropical vacation.

Here are the top causes and cures of a low libido:

Cause: Low Testosterone Levels 

The main cause of a subpar libido is a drop in testosterone levels. This important hormone is responsible for a variety of male features such as competitiveness, aggression, facial hair, muscle development and, yes, sex drive.

Testosterone and other sex hormones called androgens drop naturally in males beginning around age 30 by 1 to 2 percent each year. Some men experience a decrease in testosterone and androgen levels at younger ages. 

Cure: Therapies - Medical treatments for a low libido consist of testosterone replacement therapy which uses testosterone injections to boost levels, or anti-estrogen therapy which combats rising levels of estrogen (of which high levels occur in women). However, before you jump into expensive and prolonged medical treatments, give more natural remedies a try.

Cure: Exercise
– Exercise is an effective way to increase male hormones. High intensity workouts that last 60 minutes or less
stimulate the male system to produce testosterone, human growth hormones (HGH), and other important elements which work to increase muscle growth and repair.

Cure: Eat Foods That Promote Testosterone Production
- There are numerous healthy foods which you can add to a nutritious diet to promote testosterone production and, therefore, libido in men. See the recent article published on Muscle Prodigy entitled: Healthy Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally



Cause: Excess Body Fat

That’s right. Whether you want to accept it or not, excessive body fat can drop one’s libido. Body fat opposes the production of testosterone as well as weakens the testosterone that is present in your system. 

Basically, your libido gets absorbed into your fat cells where it disappears along with your waistline. Belly fat is the biggest culprit of destroying libido because fat cells in the abdomen are very efficient at swallowing up testosterone.

Cure: Exercise – There’s that dirty word again! However, exercise not only is good for boosting testosterone levels, but high intensity exercises also work wonders at eliminating body fat.

Cure: Fat Burning Diet
- As with testosterone production, there are foods which you can add to a nutritious diet that will help you lose fat quickly. Certain foods contain elements which tackle weight loss and help your body to more efficiently burn fat. You can reference Muscle Prodigy’s article entitled Nutritious Fat Burning Foods to Add to Your Fitness Program for some of the best fat burning foods which you can add to a healthy diet.

Cause: A Muddled Mind

A low libido can occur because of mental as well as physical issues. Both stress and depression have been proven to adversely affect sex drive. As a matter of fact, depression in men is often a direct result of low testosterone levels which can rob a man of his physical and sexual confidence.

Cure: Exercise - Yep! Again, regular bouts of exercise top the list for raising libido. There are various reasons for this which can be viewed in the article How Exercise Relieves Anxiety and Depression or Exercise Provides Relief from Damaging Stress at Muscle Prodigy.

Address the Total Package

If you have a busy lifestyle like most of us do in this fast-paced world, you can address all of the above issues in one proven workout program. The MP45 Program combines high intensity stimulation training (H.I.S.T.) of both weight training and aerobic exercises with professional guidance for creating a nutritional diet and other valuable information into one package. 

Not only will you build rock-hard muscle fast (within 45 days), but MP45 will also help you to raise testosterone levels, eliminate tough body fat and eat healthy, all of which work to increase libido. Through the MP45 Program, you will look better, feel better and perform better, both in and out of the bed.


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