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How to Increase Fertility in Men

How to Increase Fertility in Men

Today’s fast paced and stressful lifestyles can produce a great many obstacles to men wanting to conceive. Wannabe fathers can be bombarded with seemingly constant responsibilities, endless errands and unhealthy diets which leave them physically and mentally drained.

However, there are numerous steps which men can take to increase infertility. The following measures which can assist with the chances of successful reproduction.

Protect the Testicles

The testicles are sensitive to heat (that’s why they’re located outside of the body) and should be protected from certain activities which can overheat them. The Brazilian Journal of Urology published a study which revealed that fertility in men was adversely affected by repeated or prolonged exposure to high water temperatures. Therefore, many doctors advise men not to spend prolonged time in a hot bath or hot tub since the long periods (hours or day to day) of heat can damage sperm.

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic found that sperm samples were damaged from radiofrequency electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones. These researchers reported in Fertility and Sterility, “We speculate that keeping the cell phone in a trouser pocket in talk mode may negatively affect spermatozoa and impair male fertility.”

Another study published in Human Reproduction shows that scrotal temperatures were excessively overheated on users who rested their laptops on the groin areas of their laps. These researchers suggest that there is a possibility of sperm damage from long-term exposure to such high temperatures from laptops.

Increase Zinc and Testosterone Levels

Reduced fertility can be caused by low zinc levels in men. Low testosterone levels will also hinder fertility since it is a major player in sperm production.

Lose Weight

Being overweight and having a high Body Mass Index (BMI) has been linked through studies to reduced fertility in men. Those who were overweight and had a BMI of over 30 were found to be 3 times more at risk. Being obese negatively affects fertility because of oxidative stress, decreased testosterone and other hormone production, and raised scrotal temperatures due to fat accumulations in the scrotum area.

The best way to beat obesity is to hit the gym for weight training or get involved in other forms of aerobic activities which will work off those extra pounds. Consider Muscle Prodigy’s MP45 Program which will assist you with eliminating body fat and getting ripped through high intensity exercises, aerobics and nutritional dietary advice.



Avoid Stress

Prolonged periods of stress increase cortisol levels which wreak havoc on the entire body. Cortisol can cause excessive damage to the brain and arteries as well as significantly lower testosterone levels which leads to fertility problems. Cortisol levels are also increased in prolonged workouts. Therefore, keep your weight training and fitness sessions to 60 minutes or less.

Some ways to overcome stress are to take breaks at work to get away from pressures, better organize the activities in your life, get involved in yoga, meditation, or other classes designed to lower stress, or start a rigorous exercise program which has been proven to increase “happy” hormone (as well as testosterone) levels and decrease stress.

Boost Levels of L-Arginine

Low sperm counts can also be caused by a deficiency in L-Arginine. This substance has been successfully used in some practices to improve sperm counts and increase fertility.

Have Regular Sex

Going extended periods without sex or ejaculation has been shown to reduce the quality of sperm. A recent study revealed an increase in fertility and reduced DNA damage of sperm among men who were asked to ejaculate once per day. 

Strengthen sperm by participating in regular sex and ejaculations.

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