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How to Breathe When Running and Exercising

How to Breathe When Running and Exercising


When it comes to improving your running performance and stamina, learning how to breathe properly when running is very important. Breathing is essential for life and performance. The better you breathe the more oxygen gets supplied to your body and working muscles, thus leading to better performance and athletic prowess both on and off the running field.

Nevertheless, many runners find it hard to find the perfect breathing rhythm—especially during fatigue or hard training session. Luckily  If you’re looking to learn the best way to breathe on the run—or while doing any other form of exercise, here are some of the best breathing guidelines that can help.

Always Breathe In From The Nose

Breathing in from the nose is critical for setting the pace and getting into an ideal running-breathing rhythm. Not only that, nose breathing stabilizes the heart rate and promotes focus and mental concentration. Furthermore, if you’re a new comer to sport of running, it’ll allow to keep training intensity within your fitness level.

Nevertheless, during high intensity training, relying solely on the nose can be tricky. In that case, make sure to breathe in form the mouth to provide assistance and ensure a constant delivery of oxygen to your body. However, if you’re grasping for a breath every step of the way, that means that you may be overdoing the exercise, thus increasing the likelihood of injury or burnout. Make sure to keep you running pace under control by staying in a conversational pace, meaning that you can talk and  run without much huffing and puffing.

Use your mouth for the exhale. Exhaling form the mouth helps getting rid of the most quantity of CO2  from your body, reduces fatigue and promotes a sense of control over the whole experience.


Deep Breathing

Chest breathing isn’t the perfect approach for enhanced running performance. Unfortunately, most people—runners included—are chest breathers. Opting for this breathing method is a sure way to suffer from chest ache, premature fatigue and other unwelcomed discomforts during the run. Instead, if you’re looking to ensure the constant delivery of oxygen, opt for deep breathing.

Deep breathing improves performance in all areas of life. For centuries, Yogis have emphasized on the effectiveness of deep breathing for promoting health and reaching mental and physical enlightenment. As a result, it’s no surprise that you can boost your running performance by just taking deeper and fuller breaths.

Use your lower belly and diaphragm for taking deeper breaths. To do that, make sure to contract your core muscles and diaphragm with each breath you take. This may require form you some practice at first, but the training progresses forward, the new skill will become second nature and you’ll find yourself doing it automatically.

These breathing guidelines can help you become more of an efficient and powerful runner.  Not only that, improving the way you breath will improve the quality of your life as well. Nonetheless, change only happens when you start implementing what you you’ve just learned. So take action now.

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