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Home Women What Men Want? The Dating Scene How to be the Cool Chick Every Guy Secretly Wants to Sleep With- Part I

How to be the Cool Chick Every Guy Secretly Wants to Sleep With- Part I

How to be the Cool Chick Every Guy Secretly Wants to Sleep With- Part I


You know that girl. You’ve seen her before. She’s surrounded by men and always seems to be having the time of her life. All the men feel comfortable with her, yet she isn’t actually dating any of them. You can tell by the men’s subtle looks and comments that they’re all into her. Secretly you envy her. Why can’t you be that confident, self-assured and easygoing with guys? Why can’t you be that effortlessly cool and desired by every guy in the bar? Well, you can be. Here’s how to be the cool chick every guy secretly wants to sleep with.

1.    Be in Shape

Men are visual. Let’s just accept this very obvious fact, not try to deny it, and not try to rebel against it. And what are the visually attracted to? Back in the 1800’s they were attracted to large, round, women. Check out the paintings from that time period. Naked rotund women everywhere. That was what the media (the painters) were promoting during that time period.  What is the media promoting now-a-days?  A different kind of shape. Basically curves but with a well defined waist. So, this is what the majority of men are attracted to!  It works to our advantage women! Getting in shape is something that we all have the power to do. And I’m not talking stick thin. It’s fashion that aims for stick thin women; the majority of men like your natural curves. Just think curves above the waist, below the waist but not ON the waist. The only difference between a sexy girl and chubby girl is a waist!   Don’t compare yourself to any other woman, be it celebrities, the girls at the gym, the girls in your class. Just be in the best shape you can be. Put down the fashion magazines. They are aimed to attract other women, not men! Anyways, you want to dress for men, not women! In the same way, you want to attract men, not women, so you should care more about the kind of physique males find attractive and not what women find attractive. And believe me, men are NOT as picky nor are they as critical of female bodies as women are.

2.    Be the kind of person who smiles and is friendly to all guys  
Positive women will attract more men than sad, grumpy, negative women. Guaranteed. Men are attracted to smiles. This is a known fact! The more smiley you are, the less intimidated you seem, and the less intimidating you seem, the more men will want to flock around you! There is nothing more attractive than happiness. We are all drawn to happy people because of our ongoing pursuit for happiness.  This seems to be pretty obvious, but you won’t believe how few people walking down the street actually smile!

3.    Learn sports

Those women that hang with the guys, can keep up with their jokes, and look and feel comfortable usually have one thing going for them: they can hold their own in a sport or game. Be it pool, or poker, football, or basketball, hockey… whatever it is, active women who actually like playing sports are super attractive to men. They don’t look frail or fragile. They can keep up with the boys. As long as they stay looking like women, they will automatically be sexier to the male species than just the girl who spends the majority of her time primping and hanging out in the mall. See, if you want to hang out with men, you have to learn male-centric activities. Women have this talent of just being able to hang out talking about feelings and beauty, gossip and the latest tv shows and celebrities. Men, they hang out to DO things together. So learn a sport or a male centric activity that you actually like and watch your circle of male friends grow larger!

4.    Have an Opinion but don’t be in your face about it.

You know how intelligence is hot? Well, a woman looks intelligent if she actually has an opinion about things and isn’t always agreeing with everyone. Not in that obnoxious in your face kind of way, but in that, I-know-about-this-topic-and-don’t necessarily-agree-with-everything-you-guys-are-saying kinda way. Point is, she isn’t afraid to stand out. She isn’t afraid to be different. Wallflower she is not.

5.    Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Oh man. This is probably by far the biggest one. If you can’t be in the best shape of your life, at least be comfortable in your own skin. There’s so much fakeness out there, so much hype about improving one’s self to the point of going to extremes to get there. It’s just refreshing to see a woman who’s all about showing the world, this is me. I’m okay with me. You should be too.

Midori is the girl behind Think old fashioned Carrie Bradshaw dishing out mother approved dating advice. She currently resides in Seattle.

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