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How To Attract Her

How To Attract Her


Time after time girls tend to fall for guys they believe are the type of guys that they want to date.  Girls believe that it is critical for guys to have a balance, exuberating both internal and external strengths in both mind and body.

Girls look for two types of “strengths” in a man – one who is physically in shape, healthy and able to exude that certain protectiveness over them, as well as one who has inner-confidence.  A well-balanced man will not only be strong in appearance but also strong within himself enabling him to make a girl happy.  This is about the wellness of the mind, which is just as important as the body.  A person who is well-maintained externally should also have a similarly well-maintained inner-self, which would help project an intriguing and intelligent appearance.

Physical appearance may be the biggest difference between girls’ tastes.  Even in my group of girlfriends we have different preferences in body-types – lean, tall, muscular, stout and all that lies between. It all comes down to individual taste and preference.  The most important thing is what works for the girl – as long as she finds him attractive.  A guy who has a great physique is considered a bonus, as there are guys who may not be.  As long as he looks in shape and put together, that’s the most important.

There is a distinct difference between working out and staying in shape.  For some guys, it is important to weight-lift, build muscle, and tone the body.  This group of guys would hit the gym consistently, multiple times a week, to ensure strength maintenance.  For others, it is more important to be in shape, and that group of guys may choose to practice more endurance activities such as running and swimming.  Many girls find it attractive that men routinely exercise and work out because this exemplifies constant motivation and a lack of laziness.  Although the will power and ability for guys to take time out of their schedules to exercise is an appealing trait, they should not become obsessive, thus preferring fitness over spending time with their friends, significant others, etc. Although every girl has a different taste as to how muscular they like their men, consensus is that guys who are muscular are more “attractive” than those who are not.  Depending on what a girl is looking for, whether it’d be a long-term relationship or just a fling, a muscular guy becomes more or less of a priority.  A girl may sacrifice a good body for someone with her similar mindset, whereas if simply dating a guy short-term, looks are of greater importance.

In addition to being in shape, to be well-maintained externally means that a man is clean-shaven, has good hygiene, and is well-dressed.  Simple grooming techniques such as nail clipping, brushing teeth and wearing cologne score a lot of points in a girl’s eyes.  How a guy dresses is also part of the package.  Good taste in clothes will bring a man a long way.  At the same time, they should also be able to mask less flattering traits.  Different hairstyles can also attribute to a guy’s good looks.  A well-groomed man should have consistent haircuts as well as the ability to maintain clean facial hair.

Speaking to that inner-strength, having a strong internal side includes being caring, selfless, and thoughtful.  A well-balanced person would also be an efficient communicator, have strong family values, be goal-oriented, and have a genuine appreciation for different cultures.  Women are attracted to men who genuinely care about them.  Men can increase attraction by doing something as simple as inviting women to do things together, sharing in similar upbringings, and even by projecting the same morals and values.  A girl is always in search of a trustworthy and honest mate, one who she can consider as her best friend in which she can confide.  A man who has an open-mind and is respectful is key – someone who is open-minded when it comes to learning different things about each other (i.e.. culture/religion).  Girls look for guys with the same respect and values when it comes to friends and family.   In addition, there is always a strong attraction to guys who have solid goals and high aspirations.  He is someone who has personal pursuits and aims to reach them, and this in turn motivates others to achieve higher aspirations.  Also, girls are big communicators, and when the ride gets bumpy, it is important that the guy is able to communicate to work out any issues together.

Girls also look for confidence in a man.  Confidence in a guy comes from many angles.  Even though the ideal guy is hard to find, exuding confidence by being happy in their own skin - this includes both in appearance as well as inner-confidence – can go a long way in increasing attraction. 

Ultimately, we may all have specific preferences in terms of the appearance of our guys, but one thing remains the same: someone with confidence and security about who he is will always be what a girl wants.  Additionally, girls look for men who have the capacity to learn, grow and build onto who they are through all physical and mental challenges that they may encounter.  If you lack in one, make sure to make it up in the other.

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