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Home Training Living in Fitness How Resistance Bands Help Treat Sports Injuries

How Resistance Bands Help Treat Sports Injuries

How Resistance Bands Help Treat Sports Injuries


Resistance bands are excellent pieces of workout equipment. They provide a full body workout due to their versatility, help in the efforts of weight loss and are portable so you can use them at home, in the office, or at a hotel room during business trips and vacations. 

However, there is another important use for these fitness tubes. They are popular devices for sports injury rehabilitation. Resistance bands were actually developed in the sports medicine field where they were initially used to assist injured sports athletes. From there, they eventually moved into the fitness arena. 




Why Resistance Bands are good for Sports Injuries

Quite often, torn ligaments, damaged tendons, or nerve damage can occur in sports injuries. These types of injuries not only are painful, but they can also reduce circulation and flexibility which hinders the movements of the affected areas.

Exercise bands help to improve all these areas. You can successfully strengthen the muscles around injured joints and bones without the high impact of other exercise methods. Since resistance bands work out both large muscles and the small stabilizing muscles surrounding them, they are great for doing injury exercises and keeping your strength and form while healing. Also, these low impact exercises help to restore good circulation and flexibility to the injured area.




What Resistance Bands to Use

It is best to utilize fitness bands that come with numerous weighted tubes so you know use various amounts of resistance on the injured area. You also need to be able to attach them to secure objects and to your ankles in order to perform various lower and upper body exercises.




Before You Exercise with a Sports Injury

Before you begin any sports injury exercises, you should first see a doctor or other qualified medical professional for advice and guidance. Although resistance bands are excellent tools for sports injury recovery, they can also cause re-injury if used improperly.

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