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Home Training Get Ripped How Do You Thin Out Your Skin for Bodybuilding?

How Do You Thin Out Your Skin for Bodybuilding?

How Do You Thin Out Your Skin for Bodybuilding?


Competitive bodybuilders are admired for having chiseled physiques that ripple, with every minute muscle visibly dancing to their every movement. Such bodybuilding champions are considered to have “thin skin” and anyone wanting to show off their hard earned muscular mass desires to achieve that same look. But how do you thin out your skin for bodybuilding?



Photo courtesy of Animal Pak and Brian Moss Photography




The Roots of the Problem

1. Body Fat

Thick skin that masks the definition of finely tuned muscle mass can be caused by two separate causes or, most times than not, a combination of the two. First of all, body fat is stored in fat cells which mostly lie just beneath the surface of the skin. If you have a high concentration of body fat then that insulating layer will act like a blanket, covering up muscle definition.

To remedy this problem, reduce the percentage of your body fat. If you have quite a bit of troublesome flab then consider intensifying your workout routine by doing more high intensity exercises coupled with shorter rest periods between reps and sets and a better nutritional diet.
The MP45 Program is an excellent vehicle for getting your ripped fast… in just 45 days. It guides you through an intense workout and aerobics program while giving you sound nutrition and recovery advice.

2. Water Retention

Many people mistake excess water buildup for body fat. Your body has a natural tendency to store water and ions within your skin tissue for future use. Water, of course, is used by the body for hydration while ions, charged particles, have a variety of tasks such as helping your body retain nutrients and water and strengthening your immune system. Ions are also known as electrolytes and are contained in such nutrients as sodium (NA+), potassium (K+), etc.

If you have been working out regularly and fairly intensely, but still have menacing body flub that just doesn’t seem to want to go away then, chances are, it’s due to water retention and not body fat. A simple way to verify this is to pinch a portion of the flub and pull it away from your body. Then, let it go and see how it responds. If it ripples and shakes on its rebound then it’s probably due to excess water and not fat deposits.



Photo courtesy of Animal Pak and Brian Moss Photography




Skin Thinning Tips for Bodybuilders

As stated above, if you are carrying quite a bit of excess body fat (more than 8%) then you should first tackle a good weight training program such as MP45 offers. However, if you’ve been actively lifting weights and practicing strength and aerobics training and still have problem “thick skinned” areas then you can follow these tips to achieve the thin skin of professional bodybuilders and fitness models which will reveal your hard earned muscle definition.


Reduce Salt Intake – Foods full of sodium will cause your body to retain water. Your body requires around 2200 grams of salt daily in order to function properly. However, excessive amounts of salt will be stored in skin cells and absorb water which will be held there as water weight. Skip the salty snacks and use herbs instead of salt to season your foods.


Drink Plenty of Water – This may seem to be a contradiction, but drinking more water actually helps the body eliminate more water weight. Many people think that they should drink less water to reduce water retention. However, by doing so, you send your body into its survival mode and it will hold onto the precious liquid it thinks is scarce. By drinking a lot of water, your body emerges from its survival mode and begins releasing through urination and sweating, not only the excess water you drink, but also the stored water.


Sweat like a Pig - That may not sound too romantic, but it will do wonders for eliminating excessive subcutaneous water. Intense workouts that produce sweat will rid your body of any unnecessarily stored water, salt and ions. You know the process is working when your sweat initially tastes salty, but then clears up as you go. Keep pounding away at your exercises and chugging water and soon you will be salt and water buildup-free.


Eat Plenty of Fiber - Fiber is often an overlooked nutrient as bodybuilders are often focused on gorging on vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein to increase muscle mass. However, the body excretes water through the colon as well so insufficient fiber intake can clog things up and cause your body to withhold excess water. If you find you still need some help in this area, take an all natural colon cleanser to eliminate some excess body fluids. This is especially helpful before a competition.


Work on Your Tan - Tanning not only makes you look like a bronzed god or goddess, but it also helps reduce fluid buildup through sweating. The sun (or tanning bed if you prefer) also works to achieve tighter skin as it dries up the excess water. If you head out to bask in the sun, just be sure to don a good level SPF sun block, drink plenty of water and eat extra foods rich in antioxidants to ward off those nasty free radicals that can cause skin cancer.

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