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Home Training Training Advice- Q & A How do I get rid of my male boobs?

How do I get rid of my male boobs?

How do I get rid of my male boobs?


Question: I got male boobs which I want to get rid off. My overall body fat is 18%, my stomach is nearly flat. I don't think I am obese, but my male boobs make me frustrated. Sometimes I get so stressed that i think I should have surgery, though I can't afford it. My age is 24 years , weight is 177 pounds and my height is 168 cm. I have been exercising for more than a year, and try to eat lean most of the time. I have tried all sort of programs and also focuses on more incline press but nothing has worked. I feel so embrassed. Once my girlfriend left me for that. I feel so embrassed, I seriously need a help to get rid of male boobs. How do I get rid of my male boobs? Thanks.


Amer the Hammer's Answer:  Like you said make sure you work on your chest with a combination of heavy weight and low reps to start out your workouts. Focus on incline presses and cables. Try doing your chest twice a week for one week (a monday, thursday split), then once a week the next week, and back to twice a week the following week. Keep cycling like that. But also, you need to have a consistent training regimen where you are working every single body part intensely, doing some very high intensity cardio. Make sure you get 8+ hours of sleep a night to increase testosterone. Also, try supplementing with zinc 50-100 mg a day. You do not need to resort to surgery. If the skin is very loose because you lost a lot of weight before, then perhaps you need a skin tuck, but odds are it's just a result of fat, excess water, and high estrogen. Keep your sodium intake under 2500 mg a day, drink a gallon of water a day, and sweat frequently- sit in the sauna for 15 minutes after your weight routine.

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