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Home Training Training Advice- Q & A How Do I Become a Better Sprinter By Lifting Weights?

How Do I Become a Better Sprinter By Lifting Weights?

How Do I Become a Better Sprinter By Lifting Weights?

Question from Jeremy:

I love Muscle Prodigy! I am an elite level sprinter and I am looking to develop a Max strength regimen with little to no muscle mass gain. I am seeking help on a way to create such a program. 


Jeremy Rankin

Answer from Jaret Grossman, Creator of MP45:

Thanks for the love man. We have a program that we sell called MP45. You can check it out at but I will give you some tips Jeremy. Since you are a sprinter, the entire emphasis of what you should be doing are explosive movements. That means we need to help you make the transition of your muscular fibers and improve the strength within the fibers. Basically there are four sets of muscle fibers. Slow oxidative, slow aerobic, fast, and super fast. Basically, if you are performing 100 meter sprints we need to shift your muscular fiber makeup to be comprised up of mainly those super fast twitch muscle fibers. 

What you perform is entirely anaerobic work, which means your body cannot produce enough oxygen to keep pace with the amount of work being done. The average person has a breakdown of about 40% of those two slow fibers, 50% fast, and only 10% super fast. We want to get you to about 50% super fast. How do we do this? It's all about training so that your muscles can fire about 10 times faster than the slow muscle fibers. So we need to train with short, quick bursts in the gym that gets you winded fast. Besides sprints, you need to do explosive compound movements- super high box jumps, squats, deadlifts, clean and presses, snatches, bench, etc. But everything you do should be within the 4-6 rep range for upper body and 5-8 rep range for lower body. You can also do things like rest-pause reps- which is where you pick a weight that you can only do for 3 reps, let's say, but you do one rep, wait a few seconds, do another one, and you'll actually be able to get around 6 instead of the 3 by waiting a few seconds between reps. You need to use near-maximal loads though in order to make the transition to those super fast fibers. You've got to make sure you warm up properly but stay away from long endurance runs and try to stay away from anything that is longer than a 25-30 second sprint (anything longer is fast twitch IIa, not super-fast IIx), unless you perform 200s and 400s. Nutrition is going to help tremendously with your goals too. Low glycemic index carbs, high protein, good healthy fats - and a great pre and post workout combination of the right types of carbs and proteins (stay away from fats right around your workouts). Best of luck bro.

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