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How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Muscle Prodigy has always preached the importance of hard work and fulfilling your dreams. That is essentially what we stand for: capturing your dreams, whether in the gym, athletic field or in life.


Out of thousands of videos that we have ever seen relating to inspiration and motivation, literally none seem to encompass the spirit of hard work and determination as this one video. “How Bad Do You Want It?” features former East Carolina running back Giavanni Ruffin along with a speech given by Eric Thomas aka “The Hip Hop Preacher”.


Giavanni Ruffin, a 6’1, 215 lb. running back, played college football at East Carolina where he mainly served in a backup role. Even as a backup, the thought of making the NFL never left Ruffin’s head.


“I’m hungry and determined,” Ruffin told Who’s Next Football. “When you start from the bottom you always want more. I’m one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. I hate losing and I love to win. Every day, I take the necessary steps to become better for the team and for myself.”


After watching this video, you will completely understand the type of athlete and person Giavanni Ruffin is. Besides running an impressive 4.4 40-yard dash time, Ruffin may possess some of the more unique qualities found in a football player: a never-ending determination. There is nothing shallow about him. He lets his actions speak louder than words.


In this video, Ruffin is training his heart out during the NFL Lockout, hoping that someday he can make it on an NFL roster. 




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