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Hooked on Chicken Nuggets

Hooked on Chicken Nuggets

Many people love and crave fast food. However, there may be one person who puts everyone to shame…and it's probably nothing to be proud of. 

Stacey Irvine, a 17 year old teenager from England, has been eating practically nothing but chicken nuggets since the age of two. However, she might die from them, literally.

"I am starting to realize this is really bad for me," Stacey told The Sun.


Stacey was rushed to the hospital struggling to breath and doctors quickly discovered she has anaemia and swollen veins in her tongue. She claims to barely eat any fruits or vegetables and only relies on chicken nuggets for her daily nutrition. At the hospital, doctors injected Stacey with an urgent dose of vitamins to boost up her system due to her poor nutrition.

It's pretty astonishing that Stacey doesn't appear overweight from all the calories she consumes. There are more than 500 calories per six-piece nuggets and fries meal. However, as she gets older, this could have huge negative health complications. 

"I first tasted chicken nuggets when my mum took me to McDonald's when I was two," Stacey told The Sun. "I loved them so much they were all I would eat. I just couldn't face even trying other foods. Mom gave up giving me anything else years ago."

Stacey loves all the different brands of chicken nuggets, such as KFC and supermarket brands. However, McDonald's is her clear favorite. 

The only change in Stacey's diet apart from fries is the occasional slice of toast for breakfast and potato chips. 

There are around 30 ingredients in McDonald's chicken nuggets and many aren't very good for you. Try eating that for 15 years, like Stacey did, and it's obvious what would happen. Not to mention, depriving yourself of essential macronutrients can have devastating consequences on your health. It's amazing that it took 15 years for Stacey to suffer her first real health scare. We only hope she can learn from this and start eating better!


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