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Home Training 30 Day Workout Challenge Home Workout Challenge- Day 7

Home Workout Challenge- Day 7

Home Workout Challenge- Day 7


The Muscle Prodigy 30 Day Summer Home Workout Challenge is a 4 week home workout program that consists of a solid foundation of cardiovascular training and resistance training. All these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home or outside.


Each day we post a new workout for you to follow so stay tuned every single day!



Today you are doing a jump rope circuit. To do so, you will jump rope between every set of the circuit you do. When you are done with a specific set, you jump rope for one minute, rest for one minute, do another set, jump rope, repeat. Jump roping is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can and keeps your heart rate up throughout an entire length of a workout.


Watch this video to learn more about jump roping in between sets. 

Note: This is not the exact routine you will be doing but it will give you a basic understanding. 


30 Wide Grip Push-Ups
Jump Rope
15 Diamond Push-Ups
Jump Rope
10 Wide Grip Pull-Ups
Jump Rope
10 Close Grip Pull-Ups






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