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HIIT Training Series: Cardio on the Tennis Court

HIIT Training Series: Cardio on the Tennis Court

With Spring quickly approaching and the weather getting warmer, I am sure that you are anxious to get in the gym and develop the best body of your lives. You need to perform a proper cardio routine at least twice, preferably three times, per week of 40 minutes each session. The workout needs to consist of a HIIT routine, which means it needs to be high intensity interval training. Intense sprints is where you burn the most fat. Your resting metabolic rate is spiked long after exercise with HIIT exercise. It will catapult your body into a fat-burning state, increase your VO2 max, and even create an anabolic hormonal environment within your body to actually build more muscle mass. Forget the steady state cardio, you should only do HIIT training.

Below is cardiovascular conditioning that you can do on any public tennis court. As the weather is getting warmer, I am sure you want to be outside training. This routine consists of 5 exercises. Please do 3 sets of each exercise. We'll keep posting more videos to keep you on track with your goals.








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