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Heather Morris Interview

Heather Morris Interview

MP: What propelled your interest in health and fitness?

HM: At first I did it because I had to, to compete in Bikini competitions and get modeling jobs. But I fell in love with eating right, and working hard in the gym, so I can’t see myself without it now.

MP: How did you get involved in modeling? Was it health and fitness that attracted you to that profession or did the modeling create a necessity for you to maintain the best body that you were capable of?

HM: I started modeling at a really young age. But I didn’t realize how important health and fitness was until about three years ago when I started doing the nationwide and worldwide pageants that include bikini rounds. And to have a shot at winning you have to be in top shape everytime!


MP: Where did your passion for modeling come from? Was it something that was innate or you fostered throughout the years?

HM: I love modeling for a lot of reasons. I love traveling, and my modeling has allowed me to go to a lot of places I have never been. And I also love the people that I have met through my modeling. So many great people in the business as models, photographers, designers, and companies.


MP: Where have you modeled before and do you have any recognition or awards that come with it?

HM: I am very experienced in bikini, lingerie, fashion, and promotional modeling. This year I have been worldwide published 3 times, and featured on 20 or so sites as model of the month.


MP: What kinds of exercises do you focus on? Do you prefer weight training or cardiovascular exercises as the basis of your workout?

HM: I mix it up between my weights and my cardio. I am currently being trained by the owner of my Anytime Fitness in Lancaster, SC, Eddie Haughey. And he does an amazing job of switching my workouts up every few weeks to constantly shock my muscles and challenge me.


MP: Do you believe constantly switching around your workouts is key to staying fit and improving? What do you do to add variety to your workout routines?

HM: I think it is very important to keep switching up your workouts and challenging yourself. I always like trying new things, and that includes working out outside the gym, and at home. I enjoy watersports and kickboxing, and both of those are a great workout!



MP: If you could give one tip to women at the gym, what would it be?

HM: Stay focused on what you want to do, and work hard to reach your goals. Don’t pay attention to all the other things going on at the gym, just get you a great playlist on your Ipod, and put in some hard work!


MP: You have recently interviewed with the WWE producers regarding their DIVA search and now are in the waiting stage for the final cut. What interested you in being a diva and what will this mean for your career if you get the role?

HM: I think the DIVA position would be a great fit for me because of my athletic ability, and my outgoing personality. Getting this opportunity would mean so much for my future because of the amazing exposure. Performing in front of thousands almost every night of the week, and millions on TV. After being a DIVA there are so many other doors that open for a model.


MP: As a spokesmodel for BSN Nutrition, why do you believe their products are better than most?

HM: I love BSN, and was a supporter even before working with the company. I feel they have a great group of products that do not just target the males in the gym. I love the pump and energy I get from my NO Explode while I workout, and then the way my CellMass helps with growth and recovery afterwards. And anyone that drinks protein knows it doesn’t taste good, and that’s what I thought until I started drinking my Syntha6 Cookies and Cream, it is amazing!


MP: Who do you believe is the premiere model in the world? What makes her so special?

HM: Right now there are a lot of really good models, doing really big things. But as far as my thoughts, I love what Tyra Banks has did with her career. She took her modeling career, made the most out of it, and now gives back and helps aspiring models. She took her amazing modeling career and now does her own talk show, and started America’s Next Top Model, which I believe is the American Idol for aspiring models.


MP: Why are you interested in eventually starting your own clothing line and store?

HM: I have always been into fashion, and shopping of course. And I have always had opinions on what would make some of my favorite clothes and shops better. So I want to take my ideas, and my experiences, and put them together to start my own boutique and clothing line for ladies.


MP: Explain the details of your business and how you plan on getting it off the ground?

HM: I plan on taking my experiences in fashion, and modeling, and use those contacts to get my name out there in the fashion world. After I feel like my modeling has slowed down, I plan on starting a local store that I can run with a hands own approach. And with that approach I will also help young girls with advice and contacts to help them reach their modeling goals.


MP: What has having such an incredible family done for your life?

HM: Having an incredible family is such a huge part of who I am, and how I am able to reach so many goals. I can’t say enough about all the support I have got from family and friends, and I feel like all of my success comes from that.


MP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

HM: That’s the hardest question yet! I would hope to be a fixture in the modeling world by then. And also be the owner of a very successful clothing line and boutique.

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Date Published : 2010-09-21 11:45:11
Written By : Muscle Prodigy