Healthy Reasons to Take Up Weight Training Besides a Built Body

The main motivation behind beginning a weight training program for most folks is to whip their flabby form into shape and replace belly fat with raging, ripped muscles. Although that is an admirable goal in and of itself, there are numerous other reasons why getting off the couch and hitting the gym is a healthy choice.

Better Attitude and Outlook

High intensity exercise has a similar affect on your mental and emotional outlook as a mood enhancing drug. Vigorous exercises that get the blood pumping release endorphins into your blood stream which provide a feeling of elation, or what is known as the “runner’s high”. This is why, even though you just spent 45 minutes to an hour in physical combat with a set of dumbbells or a treadmill, you feel like you could conquer the world when you walk away from the battlefield.

Not only do you receive a great feeling directly after a workout, but you also continue to develop a better attitude as you stick with the weight training program. Self-confidence excels and self-esteem skyrockets because looking slim, trim and healthy adds a spring to step and a twinkle to your eye. Working out just makes you look and feel sexier, darn it!

Increased Metabolism

Weight lifting and other forms of high intensity exercise burn calories (stored fat) which cause you to lose weight. The “secret” behind successful weight loss is simply to use up more calories through activity than you take in through eating.

However, fat burning benefits don’t just stop with the gym exercises. If you get your heart pumping non-stop for at least a 20 to 30 minute period, your metabolism increases and your body continues munching on calories well after your workout is over. If you also practice eating a nutritious diet and resist the Big Macs and banana splits then you will drop some serious weight fast through weight training.

Less Chance of Injury

Weight training programs also help you to resist injury. Pumping iron strengthens ligaments and tendons as well as muscle, all of which result in a stronger frame that is more resistant to sudden bends, twists and bumps.

Not only does weight lifting strengthen these key body builders, but it also adds flexibility, balance and coordination to your step. The better these things are developed the less likely you’ll suffer an injury the next time you slip on ice, or have to two-step around your pet.

Reduce the Chance of Chronic Illness

Most people don’t associate weight training with freedom from disease, but that is a big benefit to working out. Studies have concluded that a regular weight training routine significantly reduces the chance of acquiring such problems as heart disease, diabetes and bad blood pressure.

You are also less likely to develop osteoporosis which is a result of bones becoming brittle with age. Lifting weights places stress on your bones and, as a result, they become denser and are strengthened in order to resist that regular weight resistance.

Better Posture

Acquiring tighter muscles and stronger bones also result in a better posture. Posture is another important element in a healthy lifestyle as bad posture can promote both physical and neurological problems, not to mention make you look bad.

You may have a couple good excuses for not heading to the gym such as not enough time or money, but you will pay a much higher price down the road if you ignore the needs of your body. Participating in a regular weight training program and sticking with a healthy diet will provide you with a host of important benefits that will last a lifetime.