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Home Training Build Muscle H.I.S.T. - Eliminate Belly Fat and Bulk Up Fast

H.I.S.T. - Eliminate Belly Fat and Bulk Up Fast

H.I.S.T. - Eliminate Belly Fat and Bulk Up Fast


It can be quite discouraging when you exercise and diet on a regular basis and still don’t get the physical results you desire. You may go to the gym, walk, run, cycle and do crunches weekly, yet it all seems to fall short of producing significant muscle mass and eliminating unsightly body fat.

However, if you’re overweight and carrying around an extra 5 to 20 pounds or more, or you’ve been faithfully working out but still have that nagging belly fat, you can melt away that extra baggage through H.I.S.T. and realize your fabulous form in no time.

H.I.S.T. takes your muscle gains and fat burning potential to the next level.





What is H.I.S.T.?

H.I.S.T. stands for High Intensity Stimulation Training, a weight training philosophy that is the solid foundation of the MP45 program created by Jaret Grossman, co-owner of Muscle Prodigy. 

Jaret’s exceptional program builds upon the essential H.I.S.T. techniques of both cardio and strength training. This combination takes your muscles to complete failure via intense weight training while developing athletic prowess through rigorous cardiovascular training. The result is extremely rapid weight loss and muscle mass accumulation as well as supplying the performance of a seasoned athlete. 





H.I.S.T. – The Foundation of MP45

H.I.S.T. is more than just a program to develop muscle mass and drop fat stores. When combined with the accumulated experience and knowledge of All-American Collegiate Wrestler and Trainer Jaret Grossman, it also teaches you, through the MP45 program, how to get the maximum benefits from strength training, cardio training and diet so you pack on mass rapidly while getting and staying lean.

MP45 will teach you how to rev up your metabolism into a calorie-burning furnace while maintaining your lean muscle mass. Even if your body system is the type that tends to quickly convert carbs into nagging fat, the techniques taught through H.I.S.T. will have you shedding it as fast as it’s made. 

Regardless of your body type, you will be shown how to tailor the MP45 program to fit your particular needs. And the great thing about MP45 is that you learn to keep the results for as long as you continue the training.





Get Magazine Cover Ripped in Just 45 Days

H.I.S.T. and the information you glean through the MP45 program guide will have you ripped and reaping a magazine cover body in a short 45 days. You’ll learn how to properly execute weight training and cardio exercises, properly mold your diet based on your individual body type and adequately provide your muscle tissue and central nervous system with essential recovery time.

Meet your fitness goals by ordering the MP45 program today and experience the results of High Intensity Stimulation Training.





Jaret Grossman (pictured below) is the developer of High Intensity Stimulation Training and wrote the MP45 program after using philosophies that made him into a 3x All-American collegiate wrestler. During his beginning years of training, he tried and experimented with every program out there until he developed his own philosophy that allowed him to make strength gains every single week. Now Jaret is sharing that information with you. He is not afraid to pose with his shirt off like a bunch of other program creators, because he knows his philosophy works. He currently weighs 202 pounds, and is completely all-natural. He has never touched an anabolic hormone in his life and does not take creatine or testosterone boosters that many in the fitness community resort to. He is in this for longevity, but he has found a way of training and nutrition that does not consume too much of his time and allows him to have 6% body fat all year round. However, since his training revolved around being a premiere athlete, he couldn't just be lean; he needed to be as strong as possible for his weight. Jaret has a max squat of 490 pounds, a bench press of 320 pounds, and a deadlift of 570 pounds. He has performed incredible feats such as squatting 325 pounds for 21 reps and 148 pounds for 104 reps, all while being able to run a 5:10 minute mile and do over 250 consecutive push-ups and 40 pull-ups without a break.


Creator of MP45  - Jaret Grossman (pictured below)



Before he implemented HIST into his training regimen, Jaret was a scrawny 98 pound boy who couldn't gain any muscle for the life of it no matter how much he trained. When he learned the philosophies of going to complete failure and then resting adequately, he was making gains that he never thought were possible. And the greatest thing about HIST is that regardless of your goals, it works. If you are the ectomorph with a hypersensitive nervous system that burns calories at rapid speeds and has a very hard time putting on muscle, then HIST will teach you the training and nutritional principles that will help you put on muscle mass at lightning speeds while staying lean. Jaret is living proof of that. If you are the endomorph who is insulin sensitive and converts carbs into fat quicker, then HIST will employ tactics you've never heard of or seen before that will transform your body to turn it into a fat burning machine. 

No more time spending 3 hours in the gym and being frustrated with the results of your appearance. No more time spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on diets and workout gadgets. The first step in changing your life starts with making a decision. So 45 days from now what will you have wished you did today?

Regardless of the physical transformations that H.I.S.T. training provides, there is no better program on the market that improves an athlete both mentally and physically.

45 days. Change your life.


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