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H.I.S.T.- Do You Have What It Takes?

H.I.S.T.- Do You Have What It Takes?


High Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.) has taken the exercise community by storm. Developed exclusively by Muscle Prodigy, H.I.S.T. is the next best thing in the industry when it comes to building lean muscle mass in the shortest period of time and in the most efficient way possible. H.I.S.T. is a new form of training that combines two essential factors into the ultimate lifting and cardiovascular program.

First, H.I.S.T. uses the principles of Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training. For those of you who are relatively unfamiliar with Mike Mentzer, he was one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time. He won numerous competitions, notably the 1978 IFBB Mr. Universe contest. This contest gathered a lot of attention because Mentzer became the first bodybuilder to ever receive a perfect 300 score from the judges. Mentzer perhaps is most popular for introducing fellow bodybuilder Dorian Yates to high-intensity training, and putting him through his first series of intense workouts in the early '90s. Yates went on to win the Mr. Olympia six consecutive times, doing so from 1992-1997. 

Mentzer took the bodybuilding concepts developed by exercise pioneer Arthur Jones and attempted to perfect them. Through years of study, observation, knowledge of stress physiology, the most up-to-date scientific information available, and careful use of his reasoning abilities, Mentzer devised and successfully implemented his own theory of bodybuilding. Mentzer's philosophy focuses on making someone achieve his full genetic potential within the shortest and quickest amount of time. Mentzer believed that weight training had to be brief, infrequent, and intense, in order to attain the best results in the shortest amount of time. When it came to Mentzer's specific traini
ng, he would do (or make others do) fewer than five working sets each session, and rest was emphasized, necessitating 4–7 days of recovery before the next workout. He would focus mainly on compound exercises because it incorporates more muscle groups and can build muscle quicker. However, Mentzer would incorporate more isolation exercises in his routines later in his career as he saw increased benefits with these types of exercises.


Check out this video to get a better understanding of Mentzer and his philosophies:




Along with Mentzer's High Intensity Training, athletic training makes up the final ingredient in H.I.S.T. Mike Mentzer's training is going to complete failure for one set doing predominantly compound movements. However, this type of training neglects two important factors. The first thing Mentzer's training neglects is proper cardiovascular conditioning. Yes, doing a set to absolute failure will get your heart rate going and will condition you to train through muscular failure and exhaustion. But will it condition you like an elite athlete? Will it help you sprint back and forth up that football field or basketball court? No. This is where athletic training comes into place. H.I.S.T. will focus not only on complete muscular failure but also focusing on interval sprints and other forms of cardiovascular training to make you that dynamic athlete. Your heart is a muscle and Mentzer's philosophy often negates training the heart like a muscle. You need both pieces of the puzzle to turn you into the ultimate cardiovascular and muscle building machine.  

Our MP45 Program will provide you with Mentzer's philosophy but also gives you proper athletic training, training done specifically by the most elite athletes. MP45 will provide you with the types of workouts to do that are intense enough to stimulate the central nervous system and build muscle and gain strength, which is the principles behind Mentzer's philosophy. The athletic training comes into play by carving your body into a fat burning and shredded up machine, keeping you in top-notch shape.

The second thing Mentzer neglected was that he didn't base his philosophy soley on all-natural fitness enthusiasts. His philosophy 
is proven to work successfully but his test subjects often were known to use anabolic drugs. Since you are doing it all-natural without the use of performance enhancing drugs, you need more than just high intensity training. Doing a few sets to absolute failure will get you strong and build mass, but it won't necessarily give you lean muscle and condition you into a super conditioned athlete.

Think of a statue. Mentzer's training will build the foundations of the statue but the athletic training will carve that statue. Look like a chiseled statue and follow the 45 day training and nutritional guide laid out to you by MP45.

Jaret Grossman (pictured below) is the developer of High Intensity Stimulation Training and wrote the MP45 program after using philosophies that made him into a 3x All-American collegiate wrestler. During his beginning years of training, he tried and experimented with every program out there until he developed his own philosophy that allowed him to make strength gains nearly every single week. Now Jaret is sharing that information with you. He is not afraid to pose with his shirt off like a bunch of other program creators, because he knows his philosophy works. He currently weighs 202 pounds, and is completely all-natural. He has never touched an anabolic hormone in his life and does not take creatine or testosterone boosters that many in the fitness community resort to. He is in this for longevity, but he has found a way of training and nutrition that does not consume too much of his time and allows him to have 6% body fat all year round. However, since his training revolved around being a premiere athlete, he couldn't just be lean; he needed to be as strong as possible for his weight. Jaret has a max squat of 490 pounds, a bench press of 320 pounds, and a deadlift of 570 pounds. He has performed incredible feats such as squatting 325 pounds for 21 reps and 148 pounds for 104 reps, all while being able to run a 5:10 minute mile and do over 250 consecutive push-ups and 40 pull-ups without a break.

Creator of MP45  - Jaret Grossman

Before he implemented HIST into his training regimen, he was a scrawny 98 pound boy who couldn't gain any muscle for the life of it no matter how much he trained. When he learned the philosophies of going to complete failure and then resting adequately, he was making gains that he never thought were possible. And the greatest thing about HIST is that regardless of your goals, it works. If you are the ectomorph with a hypersensitive nervous system that burns calories at rapid speeds and has a very hard time putting on muscle, then HIST will teach you the training and nutritional principles that will help you put on muscle mass at lightning speeds while staying lean. Jaret is living proof of that. If you are the endomorph who is insulin sensitive and converts carbs into fat quicker, then HIST will employ tactics you've never heard of or seen before that will transform your body to turn it into a fat burning machine. 

No more time spending 3 hours in the gym and being frustrated with the results of your appearance. No more time spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on diets and workout gadgets. The first step in changing your life starts with making a decision. So 45 days from now what will you have wished you did today?

Regardless of the physical transformations that H.I.S.T. training provides, there is no better program on the market that improves an athlete both mentally and physically.

45 days. Change your life.

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