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Get More Detailed Lower Abs with Hanging Raises

Get More Detailed Lower Abs with Hanging Raises


Previous Muscle Progiy of the Month Rob Riches walks us through abdominals in the video below and shares us with information about how to get a six pack. As you know, the lower abs are the hardest bodypart to develop because of a body's natural tendency to accumulate bodyfat at the center of gravity. Nutrition and exercising is important, but most people concentrate on crunching rather than working on bringing the hips forward and engaging the lower abdominals to bring out some definition there. Rob Riches likes to perform hanging knee raises and hanging leg raises to work the lower abs and bring out a more detailed 6 pack faster and more effectively than what you're used to.






Working out your abs will help you build up the muscular tissue in your abdominals. However, the only way to see ripped abs is if you remove the fatty tissue surrounding it. You need to be under 10% body fat in order to see a six-pack. That means that ab training really is a systemic process in terms of training your entire body, eating a healthy diet conducive to staying lean, and creating the proper anabolic hormonal environment within your body (increasing the production of testosterone and natural growth hormone). MP45 is a program designed exclusively by Muscle Prodigy that details an entire 45 day plan for you to remove that fatty tissue and have your abs looking the best they've ever looked. 


Get ripped and shredded abs in just 45 days.


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