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Get Jacked in No Time

Get Jacked in No Time


Have you seen the body of a sprinter? Just take a look below to see an elite college sprinter who perfected his body through a specific type of training.




Yes, exactly. Jacked out of his mind. That sprinter is Michael Ray Garvin, a seven-time All-American sprinter. He also played briefly in the NFL and USFL. 

MP45 is a program that focuses on giving you a similar body because the most effective way to achieve the kind of physique that the guy has above is a concentration and dedicated focus on doing gut-wrenching high intensity activities that require the utilization of his fast twitch muscle fibers.

We aren't like every other workout program that tries to build you muscle by just mixing in a bunch of workouts. MP45 is different. We want to turn you into that sprinter, not some guy that got "kind of" or "sort of" jacked. There is no "kind of" or "sort of" with MP45. You're either in or you're out and we want to turn you into a machine. The human body can grow so much more than you think. You just aren't doing it right. There's a difference between doing an activity and doing it right. The right way will get you results that you've never dreamed of. 

We will turn you into that sprinter, similar to the body above, because MP45 focuses on nutritional principles to turn your body into an anabolic environment conducive to building muscle and burning fat throughout the entire day. MP45 also gives you the proper training that stimulates your muscles to grow every day whilst burning fat by ramping up your metabolic rate.

The sprinter exercises for a very short period of time. However, these are short bursts of extremely intense exercise. Our program revolves around being as intense as you can within an hour time frame. That's all you need. An hour a day, six days a week. You'll never look better. It's that simple.

To build muscle, you need movements that recruit tons of muscle fibers to stimulate the muscle with an impetus to grow. Also, you need to perform specific exercises and at the right rep ranges to stimulate the body to produce higher levels of important hormones, primarily testosterone and human growth hormone. This is used to provide the proper anabolic environment for maximum muscle mass accumulation and body fat reduction. 

You see, your body's hormonal environment is far more important than the developments you are trying to gain during exercise and these hormones get compromised with too few calories, too much exercise, and lack of sleep to produce at their optimal levels. Muscular development occurs after you provided a stimulus, but working out actually breaks down the muscle tissue. It is up to your regimen outside of the gym to actually start the reparation process so that your muscle fibers grow back bigger and stronger. This is explained fully in the MP45 program, which also provides you with a 45 day plan scheduling everything out for you in terms of your workout and diet. All the science is explained so you know exactly what to do for the rest of your life not just after the 45 days are over. This is a life altering program.

Let me talk about price.
Look at the most well-known products on the market such as P90X, Insanity and CrossFit. These products are all super expensive. The P90X workout DVDs cost $120.00. To get the most out of the program you need a set of resistance bands for $30.00 and a chin-up/pull-up bar for another $30.00. Throw in the $20.00 for shipping and you're looking at a whopping $200.00 to buy the program.  Insanity comes with a hefty $120.00 price tag. CrossFit courses and gym memberships can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Will these programs work? Of course they will work. But will they produce the same results as MP45? Not a chance. You think working out in front of your television, like you do with Insanity and P90X, is going to build you the same lean muscle as doing heavy squats at the gym? Let's get real.

MP45 is only a one time fee of $97.00, which is what you pay for an hour of a personal training session these days. With MP45, you get a personal trainer in this program. We will also answer any question you have along the way. Make the investment and change your life today!




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