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Georges Laraque Workout

Georges Laraque Workout


Georges Laraque

Retired Right Wing, Montreal Canadiens

6'3", 273 lbs.

Often mistaken for a football defensive end (partly because of his size and the color of his skin in a predominantly white sport), Georges Laraque is nothing short of a beast. 6 foot 3, nearly 275 pounds, and ripped, this guy was a matchup nightmare for opposing teams. He forged a reputation as one of the most feared fighters in the NHL. Laraque has been known to have a crazy workout regimen months leading up the season and during it, however once the season finishes, he balloons up to about 300 pounds after he takes several weeks off from training to clear his mind and give his body a rest. Neverthless, when it's time to work, Laraque pushes his body to the limit. 


During the offseason he tries to get down to a rock solid 260 pounds by working out 5 days a week with personal trainer Simon Bennett. Laraque does 90 minutes of weight training during these sessions followed by a cardio session immediately after. He mainly focuses on hockey's two most important muscle groups during his strength training workouts: the legs and abs with a combination of aerobic exercises. "Hockey's an aerobic sport," he says, and he often explains that he doesn't waste time on bodybuilding-type lifts such as bench presses and biceps curls because they don't translate into an on-ice advantage. As for his cardio routine, he does stair-climbing, running, or cycling outside as soon as he is done with the weights. This is the best time to do cardio to burn fat since your glycogen levels are depleted and your body bypasses the process of cutting into those stores before using bodyfat as its main source of energy. Laraque also trains three times a week with a boxer and dabbles in yoga regularly to keep himself limber and flexible to stave off injuries. 






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To fuel all the exercise, Laraque eats a balanced diet composed stirctly of organic food. He does his own grocery shopping at Planet Organic Market and makes sure to cut back his calories during his strict summer regimen. He makes sure he gets a ton of nutrients though, but most certainly stays away from white rice, pasta, and bread. "White flour, when you want to lose weight, is the worst thing for you," he explains. This type of flour is not healthy for us because it is refined, which means the grain has been modified, usually by removing the outer shell or bran, the germ, and the endosperm. Lacking in this usually takes out all the healthy vitamins and minerals, giving you pure empty calories. 


Before the game, Laraque has quite the routine. He shows up four hours before the game so he can have some "alone time". He meditats and prays before every game. He then does some boxing with his trainer to warm him up. Check out his warmup pictures and highlight video below. 
















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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:21:36
Written By : Jaret Grossman