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Home Sport-Specific Wrestling Training Future NCAA Champ?- New Wrestling Phenom Prodigy Stevo Poulin

Future NCAA Champ?- New Wrestling Phenom Prodigy Stevo Poulin

Future NCAA Champ?- New Wrestling Phenom Prodigy Stevo Poulin

The new kid who is sweeping the wrestling nation by storm is Stevo Poulin. Stevo Poulin is one of New York's best youth wrestlers as a Bantam 48-lber and is like a miniature Dan Gable or Cael Sanderson. There is no doubt in my mind that a kid who does jap whizzers, clean duck unders, arm throws, hip heists, and most importantly, chain wrestling at 7 years old will be a D1 National Champ- and probably a four-timer. The kid continues to go at an Iowa-paced style like that of Terry or Tom Brands and has a motor like no other. However, more than that he has technique that could make John Smith blush; he has compiled a record of 256-26 already. Check out his interview with Takedown Radio here.

The talented wrestler just needs to stick with the sport and embody the training as a way of life, and eventually, everything will fall into place for him. The parents have certainly done a fine job raising such a talented young boy, but they just need to make sure he doesn't burn himself out of the sport, going at such a high level at such a young age. Sometimes it's difficult to let a young boy's passion for the sport develop naturally so that he has a hunger in him to train for years on end (and in this case, decades). We have often seen many young prodigies fall by the wayside. I just hope Poulin stays on track and stays in the wrestling newspapers for dozens of years. Here are some highlights of the 2010 Brute National Champ Stevo Poulin's wrestling clips. This kid is simply amazing. Enough of me; the videos do plenty of the talking.

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