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Full Body Circuit Routine

Full Body Circuit Routine


Below is a great, simple, easy training workout routine that you can do for the week. This workout lasts a total of 20 minutes only and will really be awesome, providing you with lean muscle mass by increasing strength and providing incredible cardio at the same time. This is actually a workout routine that Taylor Lautner and the Twilight cast lived by to create his incredibly ripped body. This is a great workout that will work on strength, explosiveness, and power in addition to bringing great detail throughout your whole body. You're really going to lean out with this routine because of the high intense nature and the incredibly intense cardio of this routine. Work with as much intensity as you possibly can.


Werewolf circuit:
5 pull-ups
10 press-ups
15 bodyweight squats


Try to complete this workout routine as many times as you can in 20 minutes. Taylor Lautner did it 17 times. Try to beat his score.

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