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Home Nutrition Muscle Builders Fuel Your Workouts with This 3-Stage Strategy

Fuel Your Workouts with This 3-Stage Strategy

Fuel Your Workouts with This 3-Stage Strategy


Consuming the appropriate foods is important for fueling your workout program. However, you don’t want to compromise your weight loss goals when doing so. Therefore, it is imperative that you ingest the right kinds of nutrients that will give you the best performance while keeping off those unwanted pounds.

Following is a strategy for each stage of your workout which will provide you with the most energy to complete your fitness program without adding unnecessary weight.







Although the most effective workouts run from 30 to 60 minutes long, there are some fitness activities which can last longer. Should you decide to participate in a lengthy jog, walk, or other aerobic exercise that last more than an hour, you should supplement that exercise time with an energy boost. 

Carbs are the best bet since they provide a good burst of energy which is required to fulfill a long fitness activity. In such cases, take along a handful of simple carb foods such as dried fruit, candy, or cookies to consume midway through your program.






Once you’ve completed your exercise program, you should provide your body with the nutrients it needs to recover from the stress of a high intensity workout. Ideally, you want to consume a large dose of protein and carbs which stimulate muscle growth and hormone production. You might also eat a snack that is low in calories (under 200 grams) and high in fiber (over 3 grams). 

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