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Frankie Edgar Workout

Frankie Edgar Workout


Frankie Edgar is a powerhouse of a fighter. Since his entering the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2005, he has captured and retained the lightweight championship title. Edgar’s intense style, both in the octagon and in training, has made the difference in his successful MMA career, and his training techniques are reflected in his 14 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw (with Gray Maynard being his “thorn in the flesh” and to whom Frankie succumbed to his only loss and draw).

Frankie uses a variety of training techniques such as the “fight gone bad” system, plyometrics, heavy cardio and cross training. His high intensity fitness workouts provide him with the explosive power and speed you see him employ in the cage. However, these strength training techniques are common within mixed martial arts fighters. What may give Frankie the edge is another type of training background.






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Muay Thai

Frankie Edgar is also benefited by his deep involvement in Muay Thai training. The Muay Thai workout develops speed and agility as well as strength and cardiovascular endurance. However, besides these physical treasures, Muay Thai also builds in the trainee a winning composure that consists of patience and stress relief, valuable mental components in both aggressive MMA fighting and self-defense.

Although the whole body is addressed in Muay Thai training, the core and hips are targeted. 




Frankie Edgar has one of the more impressive physiques in the UFC. This is a 
token to his intense training regimen and also great genetics. 




The Muay Thai Workout of Frankie Edgar


Start out with some stretching to loosen up the muscles and tendons which will assist in avoiding injury. Increasing your range of motion allows you to perform better by improving your agility and speed. Especially before an MMA fight or spar session, it's good to loosen up the muscles and make sure your range of motion is increased. Just by going for a quick punch or kick, you can pull a muscle or tear something if your muscles aren't loosened and properly warmed up.

You should also rest briefly in between warm-up sets and exercises, but no more than a minute.

  • Jump Rope – moderate intensity for 3 minutes

  • Jumping Jacks – moderate intensity; 2 sets of 20 reps

  • Walking Lunges – bodyweight only; 2 sets of 15 reps


These are great exercises to warm up all the major muscle groups and get that blood flow circulating throughout the body.



Muay Thai Resistance Training

This step of the Muay Thai workout program is often included as part of the warm-up phase, especially for more advanced trainees. However, if you are just starting out then you can move this step to the end and use it as a cooling down phase. If you choose to use this warm-up phase, you can take a short break between as in the initial warm-up.

  • Dumbbell Chest Presses – 2 sets of 15 reps- great for hitting the chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Leg Presses – 2 sets of 12 reps- works the entire lower body, specifically the hamstring and quadriceps.
  • Seated Lat Rows – 2 sets of 12 reps- works the back, especially the lats.



The Muay Thai Workout

Muay Thai training is very explosive and intense. Therefore, if you are just beginning, you may want to skip one or more steps until you are better conditioned to the training program. 

  • Shadow Box – punches only; 4 minutes (1 minute at low intensity and 3 at high intensity); 2 rounds with a 1 minute break between

  • Focus Mits Punches – high intensity for 3 minutes; 2 rounds with a 1 minute break between. You should use a partner for this exercise, but if you do not have one, practice hitting various spots on a heavy bag.

  • Thai Pad Kicks – 3 minutes of high intensity kicks using feet, shins and knees; 2 rounds with a 1 minute break between. You should use a partner for this exercise, but if you do not have one, practice various kicks on a heavy bag.

  • Heavy Bag Strikes – 3 minutes of high intensity strikes to a heavy bag; 2 rounds with a 1 minute break between.

As you can see, he does a lot of high intensity training. MMA fights are periods of high intense movements for 2-3 minutes followed by a period of rest (when the bell rings and the round is over). Edgar needs to condition himself for these kinds of fights so he needs to train like it.



Muay Thai training utilizes various punches and, therefore you should be familiar with the punches used so that you can employ them in your Muay Thai workout. The power for punches comes from the dominant (back) leg and the twisting and release of the trunk. The exception is the Jab which uses all arm strength.

Left and Right Straight Punch
This is a hard punch delivered to your opponents head by either the left or right hand.

Left and Right Hook
This punch by either the left or right hand hooks around the opponents defensives and targets the jaw.

Left and Right Body Shot
These are like the straight punch only the objective is a forceful blow to the opponents body.

Left and Right Jab
These are rapid, short punches to the head using only arm strength which work to stun your opponent.

Upper Cut
This punch is delivered from a slightly crouched position and delivers a blow from underneath the opponent’s defenses to
his chin.

Liver Punch
Throw a left hook low and just behind the opponent’s right side.





Various kicks are also practiced during Muay Thai training by using your feet, shins and knees. Some of the most widely used are as follows:

Upward Knee Thrust
This kick drives your knee upward and forcefully into your opponent’s torso. It is also often used when holding your opponent’s head down and driving your knee into their head while pushing it down with your hands.

Diagonal Kick
Called the Tae Chiang, you use your shin to land a kick into your opponent’s side and ribs.

Inside and Outside Knee Kicks
These are shots to the inside or outside of your opponent’s knees using your foot. Outside knee shots are called Tae Pub Nick and inside shots are called Tae Pub Nai.

Shin Kick
Kicks using your feet and targeting your opponent’s shins.

Round House Kick
This is a powerful kick which swings around to the back of your opponent, usually targeting the backs of his knees to knock him off balance. You pivot on your set leg while keeping your striking leg straight for maximum power.














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Date Published : 2011-12-08 08:27:39
Written By : Rod White

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