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Foods High In Protein

Foods High In Protein

We are all looking for foods that are high in protein to make sure our body is functioning at an optimal level to build muscle and burn fat fast all day long. Protein is an essential nutrient which the body breaks down into amino acids that are used for the proper operation of various bodily functions, especially muscle tissue growth and repair. Some of these amino acids can be readily created by the body. However, it is necessary to obtain others through the consumption of proteins found in animal and vegetable sources.

The average woman requires approximately 45 grams of protein daily, while a man requires around 55 grams between the ages of 19 and 70. Those who are active in fitness programs require even greater amounts due to the stress placed on the musculoskeletal system. Excess protein is not stored in the body for future use, but is eliminated as waste. Therefore, a sufficient amount of protein needs to be included in one’s daily nutritional diet.

Top 10 Protein Packed Foods

Following are ten foods which supply the most protein per serving. These foods can be added to create a high protein diet for those involved in strenuous activities such as bodybuilding, weightlifting and sports and fitness programs.

Protein Food #1: Cheese
– All cheeses are a good source of protein with Parmesan topping the list at 41.6g per 100 grams (10g per oz). Mozzarella, Swiss and Romano cheeses also provide a punch of protein at approximately 28-30g per 100 grams. Cheese spreads and cream cheeses offer the least amounts of protein.

Protein Food #2: Mature Beans
– As with cheeses, all beans provide extra protein. However, it’s the mature beans which pack the most. Roasted soybeans are the richest in protein at 68g per cup, followed by Lupin beans at 25.8g a cup.

Protein Food #3: Lean Meats
– Meat is another excellent source of dietary protein. However, to get maximum results, choose top cuts of beef or veal which weigh in at around 31 grams contained in a 3 oz cut.

Protein Food #4: Fish
– Portions of fish are not only rich in protein, but they also contain essential fatty oils. To consume the largest amount of protein in 100 grams, pick Yellowfin Tuna (30g), Anchovies (29g), Salmon (27g), Halibut (27g), or Snapper (26g).

Protein Food #5: Caviar
– Right up there with fish are fish eggs (caviar) which offer around 24g in a serving of 100g.

Protein Food #6: Yeast Extract
– Spreads made from yeast extract are quite popular in Europe, but have been making headway in the U.S. Yeast extract spread, also known as Marmite, provides 27.8g which equates to 1.7g in a teaspoon. Marmite is also a great source of vitamin B12.

Protein Food #7: Crab and Lobster
– These yummy treats are next on the list with 100 grams of lobster offering 26.4g of protein and the same serving of crab providing 19.4g of protein. Just be sure not to overindulge in the butter!

Protein Food #8: Peanuts
– A healthy 23.7g of protein come in a 100 gram serving of peanuts (or 6.6g per oz). Tasty peanut butter contains 3.5g per tablespoon.

Protein Food #9: Lentils
– A cup of lentils will give your meal a good protein kick by adding 17.9g per cup.

Protein Food #10: Eggs
– Eggs are also good to add to a meal or munch as a snack with 6g of protein per average oval omelet maker.

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