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Find Success in Grim Times

Find Success in Grim Times


We, as individuals, cannot ignore success in terms of financial security. Money surrounds us each and every day. We work to put food on the table, but life naturally necessitates an exorbitant amount of funds to change hands very frequently. We have financial responsibilities and obligations that pile up, one after the other from daily living, which all squander our wallets, inherently forcing us to work harder and longer the next day so we can meet those obligations with a little more ease. We work to build capital and we try to find the best line of work that will cover daily expenses with relative ease. All in all, we want more of a percentage of that salary going towards conservation and less towards expenditures.

But something deeply embedded within us wants to be rich. We don’t want to just cover daily expenses, we want to bathe ourselves in lavish items and we want the best of everything. Thomas Hobbes would suggest it is part of human nature. We truly are “greedy beings”. You may say to yourself, that greed serves no purpose. But as Gordon Gecko so elegantly preached in the movie Wall Street, greed is what makes the world go around. You may think Gordon Gecko was a selfish pig, but greed without coercion and corruption happens to serve much purpose.

Economists like Milton Friedman and even Adam Smith, propose that greed and free market capitalism allows for pareto optimality; meaning that all individuals are best off. Rather than socialism, our economy’s principles rest upon the fact that avariciousness is essential and that government should only step in when there are certain market failures or for legal matters to resolve disputes as a result of coercion or corruption. Capitalism allows for more self-sufficiency, meaning you have to make the most of yourselves to be successful. Your hard work will consequent in triumph. Hence, greed is the backbone of our economy and it is the driving innovator to success as long as you use it for good purpose.

You may say to yourself, money isn’t everything. Truly it is not. Making money was taboo for years and years in history until Max Weber and the Protestant ethic came along signifying that working hard for money could coincide with religious tenets.  Tradition of that in the olive tree is clearly the most fundamental precept of life. Our commitment to ourselves and our families are of most importance while the fundamentals of ‘giving’ should never be overlooked. Our dignity and pride corresponding with our respect to others plays a significant role.

However, wealth and capital contribute to tradition. Whether you agree or not, money betters our lives. It allows for better education, healthcare, and preservation of history. It allows for more convenience, increased expediency, and enhanced transportation. It provides for tastier and healthier foods and more aesthetically pleasing architecture. It presents higher quality of goods including byproducts of agriculture and art. It provides for quicker and a more efficient and effective production of goods. Amongst many other benefits, it allows for you to provide ‘the best’ to your family, friends, and society as a whole.

Without the fundamentals of wealth, you wouldn’t be able to purchase that holiday present your kid always wanted. You wouldn’t be able to purchase that running shoe and iPod that contribute to you becoming as fit as possible. Through promissory notes in credit and technological innovation, we’ve established a system that apportions assets more proficiently.  Throughout history we’ve made tremendous strides to allocate resources efficiently through financial success. The incentives that money offers have improved our way of living. Corporations feed off of it and the products they make better society.

It should be of no surprise to you then why everyone is in a panic because of these grim economic times. However, you should seize the opportunity to thrive even when the chips seem to be down.

As we are all members of this recession economy, we are well aware that the financial crisis has and will continue to take its toll on all of us regardless of one’s status or occupation. Employment numbers are at their lowest and consumer spending is dropping by the day. Most people follow the status quo and hope that the economy will rebound and save them from their misery, even though their prosperity is resting entirely on fate. However, those that decide to take action now will surely reap the benefits. In other words, you never want a serious crisis to dissipate or go to waste because good times could easily come to you if you’re eager enough to actually want it. Now is the time to launch fresh business ventures and implement new ideas that will eventually lead to everlasting opportunities while the nonexistent competition proves to be limp.

“Every cloud has its’ silver lining”. Crises like these are mediums for company growth and development. Creativity is born because companies need to stay as fit as possible in order to survive. They need to remain creative and develop new, enticing products at cheap costs that will stimulate internal growth within the business in order to prosper. Therefore, innovation can be created in times like these when others look to curtail their spending efforts in research and development and technology. Innovation is a catalyst for company development and high profits. We can look at Apple with their ground-breaking iPod or Texas Instruments’drive to fill a need for advanced mathematical calculators. The anecdotal evidence continually points to the fact that those that survive, even in the worst of times, are the ones who have a vision to succeed by continuing to evolve.

Those that adapt to the external environment, which in this case is one of the worst economic downturns since the 1930’s, by further developing their strengths, exploiting opportunities, minimizing weaknesses, and eliminating external threats is the one who reaps the benefits of a capitalism economy. The free market economy helps those who help themselves. Companies that are willing to be innovative and eager to engineer new ideas while manufacturing those ideas into actual tangible sellable items are the ones that thrive. 

In the same way, you need to constantly adapt to your external environment. Whatever is presented to you, view it as an opportunity. Suppose you were an athlete and you suffered a loss in competition. Although it seems like a terrible thing to happen at the time, it really isn’t as bad as you may think. Especially if it wasn’t your last game or match ever, it was a blessing in disguise. Simply view the loss as an educational tool. It teaches you what your weaknesses are and what you need to improve on in practice to make yourself better for the next time that comes around. Or suppose you  didn’t make a sale today at the office when cold-calling. You just learned that you need to become more personable and have a more unique character to entice one to purchase a product or instrument. All in all, your future will be more beneficial because of that stumble in the present.

Companies can realize innovation with the proper development and implementation of high-quality strategy. Proper strategy aims towards one thing: a prolonged competitive advantage. Companies only succeed and grow with their existence of a competitive advantage over the rivalry. Once it is gone, the company diminishes. Therefore, sustainability through an everlasting competitive advantage is not only sufficient for excellence, but necessary. Companies can remain sustainable if rivals are incapable of imitating the source of advantage and if no one can conceive of a better product or service.  You too need to find your competitive advantage that will separate you from the pack.

Moreover, companies need to determine where their business opportunities are going to create the most value. Heavy-duty research is required to fully understand which areas will provide superior value. Additionally, corporations need to utilize resources efficiently while realizing that profit-engineering resources in times like these are a bargain. For instance, there is an overabundance of unemployed people and an expanded talent pool, indicating that there are plenty of people looking for work at low wages. Companies need to exploit these type of under-utilized aspects effectively and remain as productive as possible.

Now is a time for companies to succeed if they really want to grab the bull by the horns and take action through innovation and real business ventures. The ones that adapt and evolve into companies that will sustain a competitive advantage will reap the benefits and be around for years to come. The ones who stay accustomed to old habits will falter. All in all, businesses need to look at the economic recession as the glass half full rather than half empty and exploit opportunities when presented to them, which is every day.

Similarly, companies’ goals to succeed are practically identical to yours. You, too, need to develop strategies, both short-term and long-term. What are you going to do this afternoon to better yourself? What are you going to do with your future? You have to decide which path will lead you to the most success in relation to your desires of comfort and quality of life. Strive to be as successful as possible. There is plenty of opportunity in these grim times to make something of yourself. In booming times, it is that much harder to beat out the competition. In grim times, innovation is now rewarded. While the competition cuts back, prospects have opened for you to sneak in. Make a commitment to your strategies and implement innovative ideas. Perform thorough research to discover a prolonged competitive advantage. Find your niche and make trade-offs that will hone in on that niche to provide for the most success. Most importantly though, don’t stop working hard once you find that competitive advantage. Success is only possible with hard work. Persistence and determination to give it your all each and every day in the workplace is necessarily sufficient for prosperity.

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