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Home Training Living in Fitness Feeling Stuck And Embarrassed At The Gym?

Feeling Stuck And Embarrassed At The Gym?

Feeling Stuck And Embarrassed At The Gym?


I asked my readers what they hated about their gyms in an email a while ago and this one turned into a pretty neat conversation and I learned a lot about what goes on in their minds.


They told me they don't go to the gym for a number of reasons.


They're too obese to do the 45 minutes aerobic class and can't do push ups - too much weight to fight against gravity.


Commonly they gained weight when they got pregnant and they know they can't use that as an excuse anymore because the child turned 21 this year.


Over the years they have lost and gained probably 200 lbs and are now about 90 lbs over weight.


They have tried every thing diet wise and lost 30 lbs each time but then motivation flies out the window and they're back to where they were with another 5lbs on top of what they had lost. They just can't stand that. Gyms should be for fat people not skinny ones they say.


They want a gym for obese people. With exercises that will work and motivate, and friendly staffs that don't look down on people like them who really want to lose it but the brain wires seem to be stuck and we all want them unstuck. Because really, if you ask any overweight person they don't like it but need more encouragement than those that don't need to lose weight. They are people with lots of feelings and not a lot of ego usually. They go to the gym for about 1 1/2 year but then something knocks them down. Usually, a lack of sustained progress.


Sometimes, they just feel too challenged to keep going without the payoff.


Well guess what? It's not too hard for you and you are not stuck with anything in life. That includes your weight. You have the power to change anything in degrees appropriate to your dedication and effort to create change.


You see, the the whole idea is...


1) Did you attempt to do more than the last time you tried?


2) Did you at least try?


You see the whole thing about fitness is not what you can do.


It is about getting better than you are.


So if you've done nothing at all and then you put in 10 minutes work and only touch your toes 4 times.


That was a successful workout for the day.Because you have achieved more than you could have before.


Use what you see those really fit folks doing as an example of what can be done. Not what you should expect to be able to do it right now. Or even a year from now.


All you need on a daily basis is to be physically and mentally challenged.


So if you find you have to mentally push yourself to get yourself to workout, there is your mental challenge for the day.


Same with the physical movement. If you run into difficulty, congratulations! Success! You have given yourself room to grow, improve and a reason to be alive.


I totally realized the other day that without obstacles, we could never have a sense of pride, accomplishment or self satisfaction.


If we never had to work for anything, there would be no reason to be alive. It would be boring.


Get out there and do something. The ultimate inactivity, is death. Movement is life.




About the Author

Ray Burton is owner of a Calgary Personal Training studio. You can look at his gym info and training services here: Calgary Gym

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