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Exercise On The Go

Exercise On The Go


Pack up your gym bag, dumbbells, medicine ball, swiss ball--be ready to "exercise on-the-go"....if you're going to "exercise on-the-go," there's no time to rush back home to get workout gear! Here are some tips:

1. Keep your walking/running shoes with you! Walk as much as possible during the day! Take advantage of every opportunity to walk. This one tip should be used all the time. It makes a huge difference in your fitness. When I used to work on The University of Texas campus, it was not unusual for me to walk up to 2 hours in a day going to different departments....and, there are alot of hills here, so that made the exercise that much better. I didn't think of it as exercise until I stopped working on campus. I soon realized that I had to take more time for "exercise".....walk, walk, walk every chance you get.

2. Exercise during your kid's practices. Why sit around for 1-2 hours watching kids practice? Take advantage of the time and walk, jog or do the obstacle course.

3. Take advantage of running trails in the neighborhoods or city. Many times when I'm crazy busy, I stop at one of the many running trails or hike/bike trails to get in 20-30 minutes of running.

4. Jump rope! You can jump rope anywhere and it burns fat and calories like crazy!

5. If you coach a youth sports team, show up 30 minutes early and get in a good workout before practice.

One reason to "exercise on-the-go" is that it takes away the "excuses" at the end of the day, "I'm too tired to workout" or "I don't have time to workout." The truth is that you have plenty of time during the day to get in your exercise!

Here's a workout tip for you to do at home....I would argue that more time is wasted at home than probably any other place!

Television watching can be a big time waster! I rarely watch a 2 or 3 hour game without doing something else while watching...I just don't have the time to waste....

So, while you're watching American Idol (confess that you watch it!), do a bodyweight or dumbbell workout for 30-45 minutes.....your family will probably join you in the fun....

Need a good home workout? Here goes:

--Prisoner squats, 12 repetitions, moderate pace
--Pushup Plank with Leg Lift, 5 second hold and lift, 8 each leg
--Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds, slow pace
--Pushups, 20 repetitions
--Dumbbell Bentover Row, 10 repetitions, moderate pace
--Ab Curl Ups, 15 repetitions, slow pace
--Do this circuit 3 times

Do this workout 3 times a week, add in 2-3 interval cardio days between this workout and you've got it whipped! Who needs a gym membership?

Here's a Fat-Burning, Time-Saving Workout

I do fat-burning, time-saving workouts because I don't have any time to waste...that's not the same thing as "I don't have time to workout!" I schedule time to workout so there are no excuses. Its important to me!

How important are your workouts to you? Is exercise part of what you do most days? If not, you might need to prioritize your schedule....all you need is 30-50 minutes for a weight training workout and 20 minutes for a cardio workout! Fat-burning, time-saving workouts will allow you to always "fit exercise in your schedule."

This week, I will help you come up with ways to take advantage of the time you have during a day. This way, exercise won't get left out of your busy day....

One good tactic to use is this: exercise where you are that day! If you have to go to a certain place (such as a gym) to exercise, you may be wasting alot of time (or making an excuse not to go workout)!

For instance, I had alot of running around to do yesterday so I stopped at the first school yard that I saw to do my cardio (you know I prefer exercising outside anyway)....20 minutes of sprint intervals and I was done!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES, CPT is a Certified Personal Trainer and former NCAA Division I athlete. Mark’s Fat Blaster Athletic Training System has been proven to give his clients the fit, sculpted and athletic-type bodies they want. Visit Mark’s sites:

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