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Home Health & Lifestyle Health & Fitness News Even Flies Want Alcohol When Sexually Frustrated

Even Flies Want Alcohol When Sexually Frustrated

Even Flies Want Alcohol When Sexually Frustrated


Humans aren't the only species who get sexually frustrated and turn to alcohol. Apparently fruit flies do also according to a new study. 

In a recent study published in the journal Science, researchers studied the relationship between sexual frustration and alcohol consumption in male flies. One group of fruit flies were introduced to numerous sexually receptive females. There were 5 female fruit flies for every 1 male so they sure had their choice. Another experimental group were introduced to females that already mated and were not interested in mating again. 

The male fruit flies that had been sexually rejected preferred consuming food mixed with 15% alcohol as opposed to the "satisfied" flies who showed no preference for alcohol. 

Researchers concluded that the alcohol may have satisfied the flies' desire for physical reward. 

Many people see turning towards alcohol as a bad trait in men. While I obviously see the issue with this, I also see it as mother nature doing her thang. It's strictly human nature. Since we can't satisfy our male organ, we satisfy our brains with alcohol. However, think of it this way...the difference between fruit flies and men are that we tend to resort to alcohol to lower our standards so that we won't be sexually frustrated (for the time being). Do you think fruit flies do this?


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