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Eric Chavez Workout

Eric Chavez Workout


A six-time Gold Glove award winner for the Oakland A’s, and current New York Yankee, Eric Chavez is perhaps one of the athletes in the MLB today. Not only can he scoop up a ground ball like nobody’s business, but Chavez also 240 home runs over his belt...and counting! Not bad for this still-active 34 year-old. So how does Chavez maintain his impressive 6’1”, 215 lb. physique? By hitting the weights, of course.

Eric Chavez is an old school, no-nonsense player. Time and again, if you ask these weight room veterans what one of the best upper body workouts is, they’ll give you the honest, humble answer. The pull-up. With his hands assuming a neutral grip on a standard pull-up bar, Chavez straightens his body and lifts himself up until his chin is extended above the bar. He then lowers himself slowly, and keeps repeating until fatigue. The pull-up is a great exercise because it works Chavez’s back, shoulders, and biceps. Through alternating grips, other muscle groups can be targeted as well. Clutching the bar in a neutral grip also aids in injury prevention for the shoulders.

Baseball players need strong arms, legs, and core muscles. Having a durable back doesn’t hurt too. The back is where upper body strength is centralized, and where a lot of the power used in arm exercises comes from. It’s no coincidence that many back exercises work the biceps as well. To stabilize and strengthen his back, Chavez uses the mid-thoracic stretch. With his knees on the ground, butt on his heels, and stomach crunched into his upper thighs, Chavez extends his left arm forward while putting his right hand behind his head. With his stomach still resting on his thighs, Chavez opens his chest out fully to the right and holds his place for a few seconds. Keeping his hips anchored in place, Chavez returns to starting position and repeats the exercise for the opposite side with as many reps as desired. This exercise builds endurance and stretched the mid-back. There is a common misconception that muscle will only build when weights are used. While weights and resistance training does build muscle, stretches of this nature allow for the muscles to grow properly.

For strong bat grip and overall arm strength, Chavez prefers another classic workout: curls. Using the EZ curl bar, the infielder clutches the innermost grip of the bar and lets the bar hang in front of his body with his arms extended fully downward. Keeping his elbows in place, Chavez raises the curl bar to his shoulders. Once at maximum peak, Chavez lowers the curl bar with slow, controlled movement. Keeping the elbows in place is vital in performing this exercise correctly. When the elbows are adjusted, lifters can cheat themselves by throwing their back into the workout. This not only could make room for injury, but it also doesn’t provide true muscle failure.




NOTE: This is only part of Eric Chavez's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine







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Date Published : 2012-07-17 13:28:32
Written By : Scott Wordsman