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Home Training Muscle Prodigy on the Couch Episode 2 - Training Advice to Get Ripped

Episode 2 - Training Advice to Get Ripped

Episode 2 - Training Advice to Get Ripped

As a 3x All-American Collegiate Wrestler and Creator of the MP45 Program, I will further discuss the proper training advice to get ripped. Remember to subscribe to Muscle Prodigy's YouTube channel to get daily videos like this one!


Check out Episode 2 of "Muscle Prodigy on the Couch", my new daily video series, in which I go more in-depth of how to get a great physique the right way. In this video, I discuss the importance of weight training and why just doing cardio is the biggest misconception when it comes losing weight. Here, I demonstrate how important weightlifting is to your goals. You must hit the weights to see results! However, lifting weights is about doing the activity right if you want to actually build sizeable muscle and get lean. In order to see results from weightlifting, you must train with intensity and you must be 100% focused throughout every rep of every set if you want to see results. That means you must go heavy, but the cardinal rule is that you must make sure not to go too heavy where you compromise the slightest bit of form. Form trumps everything. You must also make the muscle work through a mind-muscle connection.  The same training principles should apply to everyone, regardless if you are super skinny or heavy-set. 



If you like his advice, please subscribe to the Muscle Prodigy YouTube Channel and tune in for more episodes which come out on practically a daily basis. 

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Date Published : 2012-03-24 20:17:12
Written By : Jaret Grossman