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Edward Norton Workout

Edward Norton Workout


Edward Norton turned Hollywood heads with his physique in American History X - (we would place the picture here, but his tattoo is really inappropriate for viewing, so instead we showed a similar physique of his in The Incredible Hulk).  The skinny kid from Primal Fear came in with a chiseled lean body that boasted a pair of broad shoulders, buff arms, and a puffed out chest. Ed Norton put on 30 pounds for the role. While he doesn't give specifics, he continuously ate multiple meals per day and worked out a lot for 3 months to gain the weight. 10 pounds a month Ed? You've got a gift. Ed Norton was able to bench over 300 pounds during this stint. 

Norton has said that he wants to be in better shape at his 40s then he was in his 20s. However, Norton feels more fit when he runs a lot as opposed to lifting weights. He plans on running marathons now.


Ed Norton isn't known for his body but his role in the Hulk may prove otherwise...



Our Take: Norton wants to run marathons? He may not keep his jacked physique for long. Marathons put a tremendous amount of stress on the body and increase your levels of cortisol (a stress inducing hormone that eats away at precious muscle tissue). It will certainly build your endurance up and can get you in amazing shape. However, if you do a lot of marathons you could lose a lot of muscle mass. He won't look like the Edward Norton from American History X, that's for sure!

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