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Home Health & Lifestyle Healthy Living Does Working Out Help a Cold?

Does Working Out Help a Cold?

Does Working Out Help a Cold?


A common cold is labeled “common” for a reason. It is the most widely experienced upper respiratory infection and is normally contracted several times a year by most people. Although the views on the effect of workouts on preventing or easing the symptoms of the common cold can vary between experts, there are some basic rules of thumb which can be followed.





Working Out With a Cold

Most experts agree that exercising with a cold is ok as long as your symptoms are mostly in your head. If you are experiencing sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing or a runny nose then exercise can be performed. However, you might want to consider reducing the length and exertion of your workout if you are engaging in high intensity exercises. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods that boost the immune system. You can resume your normal workout program within a couple of days of cold symptoms subsiding.

You should not work out if most of your symptoms are in your chest. Such things as an upset stomach, lung congestion or a deep, hacking cough can be intensified by exercise. You should also avoid hitting the gym if you are experiencing muscle aches throughout your body, have a fever, or are overly fatigued. In such cases, rest is the best medicine and medical experts recommend avoiding exercise for a period of 2 weeks or more.





Working Out to Prevent Colds

Research has shown that by participating in regular exercise you can reduce the severity of cold symptoms as well as prevent colds altogether. This is due to the fact that moderate to intense exercise helps to boost the immune system. 

Of course, there are a number of other factors that can influence the strength of the immune system. Eating an unhealthy diet, not getting sufficient sleep, smoking and a great deal of stress can all work to weaken your immunity to the common cold even if you work out regularly. 





Immune System Supplements

Whether you have a cold or want to prevent one, you can assist your body’s immune system by taking high quality immune system supplements that will keep your body battling bugs while you keep hitting your strength training program.

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