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Home Training Build Muscle Does P90X Work or is P90X a Scam?

Does P90X Work or is P90X a Scam?

Does P90X Work or is P90X a Scam?


Does P90X work? Or is P90X a scam? So many people have asked those questions throughout the years. For those of you that want to know, P90X does work and it is NOT a scam. Their testimonials speak for themselves. Is it the best program to get ripped up and into the best shape of your life? That's another story.

Let's use two people. Person A does the P90X program for exactly 90 days, doing low weight dumbbells and mainly resistance bands. Now compare him with Person B. Person B goes to the gym consistently doing mainly compound movements and heavier weight, using the principles of High Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.), the main principle in the MP45 program. Who will come out on top? Muscle Prodigy can guarantee you that Person B, the MP45 user, will gain better results, doing so in half the time.   

We are not taking anything away from P90X. It's a great program and home based workouts tend to be the better seller. But if you want to make a full lifestyle change and reach your full genetic potential, MP45 is the better buy.

Let's be real. P90X is very expensive. The 90-Day P90X workout DVDs cost $120.00. To get the most out of the program you need a set of resistance bands for $30.00 and a chin-up/pull-up bar for another $30.00. Throw the $20.00 for shipping and you're looking at a whopping $200.00 to buy the program. Is that truly worth it to you? Do you think you can look insanely shredded from a workout DVD? You are making the commitment to workout and change your life. DON'T HALF-ASS IT by working out with the convenience of your television. Get into the gym for just an hour a day and incorporate the principles of MP45 into your training regimen. Not to mention, you'll have one full day off a week to rest and relax from the gym.

Now, let's get to the science behind everything. You see, getting lean is all about a systemic process that requires you to build a muscular foundation and then shred the fat laying on top of it. Workouts at home, like those preached in P90X, are limited in their ability to produce new muscle growth. This is because muscle mass is obtained by breaking down muscle fibers through a workout and then using a good diet, and adequate rest to repair and increase them afterwards. Bodyweight training, resistance band training, and/or light dumbbell training, as preached in P90X, do not recruit enough muscle fibers to provide a stimulus. In order to recruit enough muscle fibers for muscular growth and development:

-The stress must be specific and above your threshold.

-The stress must be with heavy enough weights to overload the muscle

-The stress must be progressive overload, meaning you are doing more than your previous session

-The stress must be intense enough 

Thus, in order to involve 100% of the fibers in a particular movement, two conditions are required:

1) The muscle (and its related body part) must be in a position of full contraction; AND

2) A heavy enough load must be imposed in that position

In order to build muscle, we need to be as intense as possible and attack our muscles by providing it with progressive overload, which is presenting your body with a stimulus it has never experienced before so it can adapt and grow. Doing bodyweight movements, working out with resistance bands and/or working out with light dumbbells cannot do that. However, these types of workouts are effective for other reasons, such as achieving the muscular pump and working the stabilizer muscles, but not necessarily for achieving super lean muscle mass. They should be incorporated in a workout program but should never be the main focus. The types of workouts done in MP45 are those movements that recruit tons of muscle fibers to stimulate the body to produce higher levels of important hormones, like testosterone and human growth hormone. This is used to provide the proper anabolic environment for maximum muscle mass accumulation and body fat reduction (sprinting and doing high intensity interval training, like those preached in MP45, also help to increase these hormones, but not nearly as much as lifting weights does). This type of high intensity training explained in the MP45 program increases these metabolic processes to burn more body fat in two essential ways. First of all, the higher you elevate your metabolism through intense workouts, the more fat you will burn during the workout as well as to stimulate your body to burn fat for multiple hours afterwards. Secondly, muscle tissue requires a greater amount of oxygen, nutrients, and fuel to perform than other tissues. Since more muscle mass can be acquired through weight training, more energy from fat stores will be used under weight training conditions, thus dropping your body fat levels more. 

There is no such thing as spot reduction, so doing bicep curls with resistance bands won't burn fat in the area around the biceps. Instead, it needs to be a whole lifestyle change, where you enter a slight caloric deficit to burn the fat throughout your whole body and that change will result in you losing fat in your stomach, chest, and ultimately, your biceps. The same goes for building muscle. By performing squats, you actually build muscle in your upper body because exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges release tremendous amounts of those precious hormones, which creates the proper anabolic hormonal environment for you to build muscle in your upper body and burn fat throughout your whole body. 

You see, your body's hormonal environment is far more important than the developments you are gaining during exercise and these hormones get compromised with too few calories, too much exercise, and lack of sleep to produce at their optimal levels. Muscular development occurs after you provided a stimulus, but working out actually breaks down the muscle tissue. It is up to your regimen outside of the gym to actually start the reparation process so that your muscle fibers grow back bigger and stronger. This is explained fully in the MP45 program, which also provides you with a 45 day plan scheduling everything out for you to workout and diet with. All the science is explained so you know exactly what to do for the rest of your life not just after the 45 days are over. This is a life altering program.

Being told what to do is not as important as understanding why. We didn't design this program to feed you a fish. We want to teach you HOW to fish. You see, with programs like P90X they tell you what to do during the 90 days, but after the 90 days are up, you will become very lost and rarely see any differences in your body after the 90 days are over. You will shed some body fat and gain some muscle, because some exercise is better than none, right? But don't you want to know what professional athletes know? Don't you want to make the maximal amount of gains in the minimal amount of time? After these 45 days are over in which you will make the most drastic difference in your appearance in your life, you will know EXACTLY what to do after those 45 days are over, because you will have learned exactly why everything in your body works the way it does and you will become such an expert in it that you will teach your friends and family.

Best of luck to you and we hope you make this decision to bring MP45 into your life.

-Muscle Prodigy



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