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Home Training Training Advice- Q & A Does exercising stunt your growth?

Does exercising stunt your growth?

Does exercising stunt your growth?


Question: Hi Sir ! I Am Around 15 Years Old. I Am About 65-68 Kilograms. I Exercise In A Gym 4 Days A Week And I Have A Few Questions About That. 1- Does Exercising At This Age Affect My Growth As A Young Teenager? 2- How Long Does It Take To Get A Ripped Body At That Age (For Myself I Entered The Gym From 5 Months)? Thanks For Your Time !

Amer the Hammer's Answer:  No, exercising will not stunt your growth at 15 years old. It depends what your body fat is that you are starting from and where you want to end up, but stay consistent and make small measurable goals each month. Then evaluate your progress, reassess the situation, and determine new goals.

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